Help please: Tango Long Strap

  1. Afternoon!

    I'm looking to buy a damier tango long strap, but, can't find out how long, the long strap is!!

    Need a hands free, across the body, bag.

    Would any of you lovely ladies that has the long strap tango, mind measuring the strap for me? I'd need to know who long it would be, on it's longest setting, and would there be any room to put another hole in, to make the strap longer?

    Thanks for your help,

  2. I don't have one, but in one eBay auction, it says it's 46.3" adjustable. I'm not sure if that's the strap's length.

    From what I saw, however, this bag strap can be VERY LONG. It definitely can be worn across the body, no problem. I'm assuming, from what I saw on other people, on me, the last hole would probably allow the bag to be past my butt...and I'm 5'7".
  3. Thanks. It looks lovely in the pictures in the visual aids thread, but, unfortunately, I'm WAAAYYYYY heavier than the lovely ladies modelling them!

    Would anyone be able to measure, and let me know if there would be room to put in more holes?

    Once again, many thanks,