Help please suddenly seller wants me to pay 1/2 of PayPal fee

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I would like to ask for your opinion on this please. I just recently won a Chanel baby cabas on Bonanzle from this lovely seller who is very understanding and all. We agreed that the price I will pay would be the price of the bag + price of shipping by USPS express mail international. Nothing in her listing indicated I have to help her 1/2 the paypal fee and she did not even mention anything prior to I agree to buy the item. Now she is going on about halving the PayPal fee, which is around $60, which is ok...but I feel this is not fair on me at all since I did not agree to help her pay for that when I agree with the price....I told her that PayPal fee usually is bear by seller unless there is some agreement prior to buying but there is not. I do not want her to be upset but I want it to be fair on me too. I am finding it hard already to fund for my bags and all other expenses this month and I feel uneasy about this :sad:.
    What should I do?
    Thank you very much for your kind opinion.
  2. pretty sure she can't do that, paypal fees are indeed down to the seller , she should have added them into her price, ah, i just saw you bought it on bonanzle, so don't know their rules about adding fees after an auction has finished.
    either way, a seller shouldn't be adding more £££ after a sale !
  3. That's not right that she asked you AFTER you already agreed. Just explain to her that you never discussed paying the paypal fees and you will pay her the agreed amount.
  4. you say she's "very understanding and all", has she had to wait for payment or something ? was paypal her chosen method of payment ?
  5. No, she should have considered cost of payment before she accepted a deal. Also, asking a buyer to pay more to use Paypal voids their seller protection for that sale.

    You agreed on a price, she should honor that!!!
  6. l have seen a few seller on bonazle say add 3% for pay pal fees, which l think is wrong, but to charge at the end of sale is a bit much, and not have it in listing is a bit much.OP l would not pay, as much as you are trying to be nice, this is not your problem, its the seller....Good does not all do to be nice :smile:
  7. If it wasn't stated in the listing and not mentioned anywhere it was not part of the agreement... if she changes it you can do 2 things.. She changes the rules you are backing out or tell her she sold it to you under these conditions and that you can't help whatever the fees time she needs to put that in her listing.
  8. PP fees are the cost of doing business for the Seller! If she had wanted to "factor this in" then she needed to do so before the sale was completed and price/shipping agreed to. You are not responsible for this after the fact.
  9. The seller is going to have to "eat" those paypal fees. For her to not disclose this prior to the sale is a bit shady to me. Good luck.
  10. If she wanted you to pay part of the paypal fees then she should have added them in when she first set up the sale. To add them in after the fact is wrong. IMO.
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    Last edited: Jan 17, 2009
    It is against the Ebay and Paypal rules to do that and you should report her to ebay AND PP if she insists on doing that. If she had said something beforehand, it would be something to consider (like whether you are going or bid or not), but not after the auction has been won. That is totally non-kosher and she can get kicked off of ebay for doing it.
    PS Wanted to add this: don't let her talk you into doing a deal off ebay so she can save fees...this will leave you without any protection should something go wrong. Insist on your rights: You bought the bag and paid with PP, and she sold it saying she accepted PP -- that means she has to eat the fees. We all hate the PP fees, but that is the deal..Unless you have previous dealings with this seller and you totally trust her because of the past deal. But still she should have told you this info about splitting the PP fees up front -- BEFORE you won the auction.
  12. ^ she bought it on Bonanzle

    OP: You say she's very understanding and that you don't want to upset her. To me, it looks like you're very understanding, and she's upsetting you. I think it's lame when people try to get something for free at the expense of others. So she listed a bag on Bonanzle, to sell it, to make money. Without Bonanzle and PayFoe, she wouldn't have sold the bag. But she wants the buyer to pay for everything: the bag, the shipping, the fees. Not only is it wrong in the sense that she's adding to your costs after the sale, but it's just plain tacky, IMO.

    I wouldn't debate this with her. You already said "no"--right? If she comes back insisting you pay a portion of the fees, I would let the bag go.
  13. i would just tell her flat out paypal fees are her responsibility and that she is violating paypal's rules by asking you to split her fees. tell her that you're willing to cancel the deal and that in the future she needs to factor all fees into her selling price before making a deal. there are always better/other deals out there.
  15. I'm pretty sure that British law also states that stores cannot force a CC fee onto customers - this is the reason why ads state "discounted for cash price" and THEN you have a credit card price after. She should not have offered to accept Paypal, and then give you additional terms, that wasn't in the offer.