Help please: Stephen Sprouse Leopard Scarf

  1. Was not familiar with this scarf but stumbled upon one on eBay.
    This is the brown cashmere and silk one. I LOVE it.
    Before I bite the bullet and pay the high price, I was just wondering what it sold for when it was available.
  2. It was a recent release and I think they are $600. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) My store only got one & I missed it. The ebayers who have then have marked them up ALOT.
  3. Thanks Kitty,
    They are just about double that on eBay, but I may have to have one anyway.
  4. Please don't get one of eBay. They are still on not marked up double their value.

    I just looked for you and the are sold out on eluxury however Im sure if you call LV they will ship one to you from a store.
  5. I thought I just saw one on eLuxury the other day. I could be wrong though.

    I wouldn't get one on eBay unless if you really want it.
  6. Yes, it's still avaible on eLuxury in Gray and Red.

    Maybe it's just not the one your looking for.
  7. i just bought one yesterday, i know at the bloor st. store they had 3 in total. i think there still may be a couple around the u.s., assuming that's where your'e at.
  8. I think it is a great scarf. Call 1-866-VUITTON and see if they can find one for you, if not then get it from ebay if you want to! It is your money so you should get what you want!
  9. I just bought it off eLuxury last Thursday and it arrived Saturday the 9th. They used to cost $580 but are now $650.

    I have been praying that it would come back online at eLux and if FINALLY did early Thursday AM. I thought I was dreaming -- I put it in my cart and bought it as fast as I could.

    And sure enough it went back to "out of stock" status as soon as I'd checked out.

    I must check the site a hundred times a day -- and it FINALLY paid off!!

    It IS stunning.

    They've had it available several times this week. I could have bought it again 3x.

    So I suggest you just keep being diligent about checking eLux. Don't pay the robber baron prices on eBay...NOT worth it. Persevere on eLuxury instead. Patience DOES pay off!

    Good luck!!

    Here is the link:
  10. there are no more on elux. i also just called.
  11. I was browsing eLuxury and they have the scarf back in stock as of now. Someone get it!