Help Please! Smelly Purse!

  1. This is my first post. I'm not sure if this is the right to place to post this question, but here it goes. Does anyone out there know how to get the smell of leather out of a bag? The bag in question is a brand new Salvatore Ferragamo black leather bag (pepple leather, as opposed to smooth leather, if you know what I mean.) I bought it from the South Coast Plaza Ferragamo store in Southern California although technically the bag was shipped to me from the store in San Francisco because the Costa Mesa store did not have it in black. It's got an awful smell that makes my head ache and causes whom ever I'm next to to inquire, "What is that awful smell?" I have another Ferragamo, same type leather, but different color that does not smell.

    I don't think I can return it because it was bought on sale, although I still paid around $800.00 for it. The sales girl did mention the sale was final. I was willing to risk not liking the purse in black since I hadn't seen it at the time of sale, but no way did I think there would be an awful stench to deal with.

    Any suggestions will be welcomed. Also, am curious to know if anyone out there has a Ferragamo that smells badly. And if there is no way to make the smell go away, what do you think my chances are on getting it returned?

    Thank you very much.
  2. First of all, welcome to TPF.

    That is so weird. I'm guessing Ferragamo makes top quality handbags, so this doesn't sound quite right. I own several "real" leather bags and I LOVE the smell. In fact, I'll take out my LV Lexington Fleur from time to time just to smell it.

    I would contact the place where you bought the bag and ask what they can do for you. If all else fails, I'd contact Ferragamo directly and tell them exactly what the problem is.
  3. Ouch, that sux! No advice, but I would be pretty unimpressed with that for 800 bucks!
  4. I would probably take it back and ask for another one!
  5. I would think that if you left it out for a bit the smell would eventually go away. Try opening a box of arm and hammer in/near the purse...that's supposed to work for fridges and cat litter....
  6. Stuff some dryer sheets in it and let it sit out for a few days where it can air out. Try wiping it down with some baby wipes to see if its anything on the surface that is causing it.
  7. See if the odor is coming from the inside or outside of the purse before you do anything to it. Be careful about spraying, wiping, or doing anything to the purse because you might end up with another problem if you have discoloration from a reaction to a cleaner. I agree with Contessa. Call Ferragamo directly and report the problem. Tell them your situation and give them exact details on the bag. I would do this before trying any at-home remedies...
  8. Put it outside and leave it in a safe place for like 2 or 3 days. The fresh air will do wonders!
  9. I would probably try this as well. Baking soda absorbs odors.
  10. That is really odd! I have never heard of this with a real leather bag, although I have a pleather bag that is driving me crazy because it smells. My mom has a Ferragamo, but she never had a problem with the smell of it. I would definitely call the Ferragamo store, or go there if you can, so they can actually smell it. The baking soda sounds like a really good idea too.
  11. Fabreze on the inside wouldn't hurt I would think.
  12. Even though the SA told you the sale is final I think you should return it anyhow. If the smell is that awful, they should accept the return or store credit if you can't use it. I would speak to a manager. BTW, I went to Nordstrom Rack and there was a patent leather purse that smelled like fish! There is a thread somewhere here about a similar experience. Too bad the search mode is down. Good luck
  13. ^ I just read in some women's magazine that leather bags should smell bad, because that's how you know it's real. They said it should smell gamey or fishy! I was just like " :wtf:Umm, yeah okay..." I have tons of leather bags and none of them smell like @ss. I've smelled bags that do, but I don't buy them...
  14. I would take it back to south coast plaza and return it. Then if they won't take it back, tell them you will cause a "stink".

    Then stand there and ask the other customers what they thought of the smell.

    It's been a while since I lived in Orange County, but I am darn sure they will do something.
  15. It could be how the leather was dyed or treated that is responsible for the smell. I remember when the Dior Gaucho was all the rage, some members who had bought one were reporting that they had gotten smelly bags. I would try airing it out and see what happens. Strong-smelling leathers often lose their smell with time.