Help please! Silver "Princy" Tote

  1. Hi all, I'm a total Gucci newbie!

    I asked about the silver Guccisima Princy tote awhile back and forgot about it for couple of months and now I'm interested in it again.


    I have a few questions:
    1. Who has it here--and your thoughts?
    2. Is this still available in stores? On sale? Will probably only last until the end of this season?
    3. Does anybody know the price of it in Canadian dollars?
    4. Does anybody know of an online site that sells this tote (other than and even better, that ships to Canada?

    Thanks!! All help appreciated!
  2. hey I've seen you on the LV forum..this is sort of similar to the miroirs huh? Well to answer your questions, its unavailable on the main site. If you go to a boutique they might be able to locate one for you, otherwise you might have some luck if it pops up on bluefly or other sites like that. I havent seen this one around though. :shrugs:
  3. Hi kneehighz!

    Yeah...I spend the majority of my TPF time at the LV forum. Thanks for the info, anyone else??

    It's actually listed in the US Gucci site under "Shop online" and then "handbags" and then "classics"
  4. i believe i have a friend that has it....the leather tends to "crease" after a while..i saw it in the gucci store when i went to vegas.