Help please, should I pulled my trigger

  1. Hi everyone

    I am considering to buy Victoria PM. I know the style is discontinued but I was able to locate one in US. The color is not my top favorite. What I like is the top handles with strap, also not too Keepall looking. I find other brands men bags seem too ordinary. I am a guy so I think this size is good for everyday use. I have never own Goyard but seems the quality story is crazy. Also there is no Goyard store in Canada, which I’m worry if anything does happen to quality will affect the repair. What should I do? Any suggestions? TIA
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  2. If you like it and have the money, buy it . . .
  3. I don’t think the higher priced bags are having quality issues. What color is it? I’ve seen this bag irl and it is a great men bag. Unique indeed and very good size.