Help please- should I get this Epi Speedy?

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  1. When I went to the LV boutique to buy my Damier Ebene Speedy 30 a few months ago, I saw the Epi Speedy in Grenade (fuchsia - purply pink) on display and I fell in love!! At the time, I didn't want to pay that much for a bag and also I was getting my Ebene Speedy and I didn't want to go home with two bags, especially Speedys. I couldn't justify the purchase.
    But I've been thinking about that bag, especially the color. I haven't been able to find a pre-loved one. Even after my two month Chanel buying phase and getting the Noe, I'm still dreaming about it.

    The pros: I love the Speedy, I love the color, I don't have any Epi bags. (I haven't tried on an Epi Speedy and hopefully it's not too heavy). I don't think I would get an Epi in another color- this one just grabbed me!!
    The con's: The color may not go with everything. This would be my fifth Speedy.

    I have two LV shoulderbags- the BH and Noe so it's not like I have ONLY Speedys. I'm not even sure if LV has the bag anymore so it may not work out.
    What do you think- should I get it if it's available or get something else- maybe the Galliera in Azur? I have too many mono bags already.
  2. Grenade is discontinued, right? Since you won't be getting another Epi in another color, I think that this bag would be the perfect Epi bag for you. Even though it won't go with everything, you still have other choices when you want to use a speedy right?
    If you are still thinking about the bag after a few months, I say go for it.
  3. What about getting Grenade Epi in a different style since you are concerned about having too many Speedys?
  4. if you can still get it i would go for it, its gorgeous!
  5. I was thinking that too- maybe a Petite Noe since I have a mono Noe! It's so difficult to choose sometimes. And I've been trying to be "good" and not do an impulse buy. Sometimes I end up spending more money on other LV bags or wallets I want, trying to "save money" when I could've just bought that one more expensive one and been happy ( at least for a while :graucho:)
  6. Go for it! Epi Speedies are gorgeous and you're lucky your store has any Grenade left.
  7. I may be mistaken but I do think that color has been discontinued, if your store still has it I would go for it! It's a gorgeous color, I can completely understand why you can't get it out of your mind! If you get it, be sure to do a reveal, good luck!
  8. Get it if it is still available. It's a terrific color!
  9. I love the speedy and I do not think you can ever have to many! It is a great color so I say go for it.
  10. I would go for it if your store still has one!

    GL deciding!
  11. Go for it! Grenade Epi is so pretty!
  12. From what you've said, I say go for it! Main point to consider is that the colour has been discontinued, so finding it again will be difficult. Secondly, I always think the best test to give yourself if you should buy something or not, is to wait for a bit (as you have) and see if it haunts you - if it does, then its meant to be!

    I think the Grenade is a stunning colour and would match with lots!
  13. I would get the grenade esp as it has been discontinued.. it is a great colour:smile:
  14. Do not pass this one up! Grenade is so gorgeous! It was already sold out, so I got cassis, but I would go for grenade in a heartbeat!
  15. is a lovely colour...goes well with a lot of colours IMO. Go for it if you can locate one.