Help please....should I exchange my medium Muse for a large?

  1. I just got the medium Muse and it is big enough for my needs. I am small but now I am wondering if I should exchange it for a large (for the shape). Any medium owners out there who have used their bags and wish they had gotten the large or vice versa? I haven't seen the large in person. Does it look oversized? Especially on a small person?

    Lastly, I read the article below. Any idea when the brick red will be arriving? I will call the store later but in case someone replies sooner.

  2. i think on a smaller girl the medium is perfect.
    the large and oversized ones are overwhelming in size for handheld bags.
  3. I'm 5'2" and I'm using the large. It looks perfect. The shape of the medium is just not as elegant as the large. I vote for a change.
  4. I'm 5'2 and pics of myself with my large black muse are here:

    The large is not at all overwhelming.

    The medium on Naomi Watts looks pretty good though,too.

    And I know that there are many tiny girls who have the oversized,but i felt that it was just too huge on me.

    I say try both and decide which feels better to *you*.
  5. Yep, look at Quirky's pics! I think the medium is cute but would vote for the large, even on a petite person. I returned a white medium yesterday (my S/A sent it to me to try) and I knew I didn't like it on me but I passed it around to several of the S/As who were tiny :lol: and I didn't like it on any of them either. I thought the medium looked unusually small on Naomi Watts and didn't like it on her. It's a VERY cute bag on its own but somehow it doesn't look great to me "on."
  6. It's hard to tell without seeing pictures of you wearing it. I've really liked the pictures of members carrying the large size, though.
  7. sad to say but i do not have a camera! wish i did because it is so helpful to see others on this forum with their bags. i used to love taking pictures but now i don't. this past year, i was in kenya, zanzibar, sri lanka, india and the maldives and borrowed a camera and took a total of 30 pictures.
  8. I'm 5'3" and have to be pretty careful that large handheld bags don't overwhelm me and make me look all out of proportion. I'd say if your about my size to keep the medium if it's big enough to hold all your stuff....
  9. I am barely 5'2" and about 105 lbs. I have the tan color and love it even though it is not so popular. After talking with another PF member, I am now wondering if anyone has seen the tan in large? I assumed it would not be hard to find as it is a less popular color but now I am not so sure (a) it was made in large and (b) if i can find it. If I can't find the large, I may keep the medium tan and get a large in a new color (like olive or red assuming i like the colors).
  10. Can anyone provide the dimensions of the large vs the medium muse?
  11. The Medium Muse measures 9 1/2"H x 14"W.

    The Large Muse measures 10 1/2"H x 17"W x 6"D.

    The Muse is fabulous! There are a number of fans of the bag here. It happens to be my favorite bag (and my most frequenly used bag) at the moment. Love it!
  12. Yesterday I ordered the black medium but now I'm wondering if it's big enough. Which one do you have? Can you carry it comfortably on your shoulder?
  13. The shoulder straps are the same for Medium and Large, they can be worn on the shoulder; Small and Oversize have shorter straps. I personally think Large is the ideal size, looks very nice on all the ladies who posted their pics (here & TFS). I am only 5ft and don't carry too much with me everyday so I decided to go with Medium.
  14. jayge, I actually have several Muses. I LOVE this bag, and have been willing to invest in several different sizes and colors. I have the Large, the Oversized, and I have a Medium coming to me. Having handled all three sizes, I think the Medium is much smaller than the Large is. If you carry a lot, you might want to think about switching your order to the Large if possible. The Medium by all means will hold all of your essentials: wallet, cell phone, make-up and a little bit more. I think it really depends on what you are planning on using the bag for. If you want to take it out to dinner at night, then the Medium is a better choice, but if you want to use it as an everyday bag, the Large would probably be best. I personally tend to be a fan of large sized bags though; the Oversized Muse is my favorite size.

    The Muse can be carried over the shoulder as long as you are wearing no coat or a light coat. It will not fit comfortably over the shoulder if you have a big, bulky winter coat on. If I had one complaint about the bag, it would be that the handles are a tad too short. I would have loved for YSL to put an additional inch or half an inch on the handles. It can easily be carried in the crook of the arm though, and I have found this bag to be relatively light and very easy to carry. Good luck!
  15. Thanks so much. I think I will switch.