Help please, shipping to unconfirmed address in Australia

  1. I just sold a Chanel bag and the buyer just sent me payment and I noticed only after withdrawing the funds to send them to my bank account (to be on the safe side) that the buyer has an Unconfirmed Australian address. Now I can't stop the transfer of the money to my bank account and was wondering if it's possible for Australian Paypal account holders to have a Confirmed address at all? Also is it possible to confirm it before I deliver the bag and would I be covered with Paypal's seller protection policy in this case? (If she confirmed it after paying me?) Does anyone know? TIA:flowers:
  2. I have asked paypal several times and they wont confirm Australian addresses at this time. The address can be verified tho.
  3. Just to add, she asked me to not to insure it to the full amount and I did make her declare by email that me(the seller) would not be responsible if the parcel gets lost. I'll be sending my a trackable carrier as well. Is it still not safe enough? If she decides to to a chargeback for some strange reason will Paypal withdraw the money from my bank accounts if there's nothing in my Paypal account? (the bag was won for just over 1000 pounds)
  4. Oh interesting! How do you know if it's verified? On the form it said I was unprotected, if it was verified would the seller be protected? Thanx!
  5. As far as I know, only the US, Canada and the U.K. can have confirmed addresses. I just started shipping out of the US so I coul be wrong. I always tell people in my listing (although it doesn't always matter) that I will only ship to confirmed addresses. I will accept bidpay or moneyorder for those who don't have a confirmed address.
  6. I just saw that the buyer is also unverified. What should I do? For the moment I'm going to try and call Paypal to have the transfer of the money to my bank account stopped and see from there.
  7. I just checked the paypal site, it looks like you wouldn't be covered by seller protection, hopefully it's all going to work out.

    Directly from the site:

    What is Seller Protection?

    Answer :
    [​IMG]</IMG> PayPal is committed to protecting our sellers against fraudulent chargebacks by buyers. For World Sellers, if the seller follows the established PayPal Seller Protection Policy guidelines, including sending goods to a US buyer at a Confirmed Address, then PayPal will protect the seller.

    For what situations will I receive Seller Protection coverage?
    • Credit card chargebacks from fraudulent card use.
    • Credit card chargebacks for false claims of non-delivery
    • Buyer complaints for false claims of non-delivery

    What is not covered under Seller Protection:
    • 'Significantly-not-as-described' chargeback claims
    • Transactions to non-US buyers.
    • Transactions to US buyers who do not have Confirmed Addresses
    • Any transactions in which the seller did not follow the SPP guidelines
  8. Crap! Oh well, Paypal told me I would be charged to stop the money going to my bank so I guess I'll leave it and hope for the best. One last question though, if the payment says "instant" does it mean they can't do the dreaded chargebacks?
  9. Hello, Royal Mail express, UPS, DHL, FedEx are safe enough. I am Australian (verified) and things always reach my hands in perfect condition. Australia is a safe place, unlike some third world countries where they open packages.

    Australians cannot get their addresses confirmed.

    Verification happens when the account holder receives a password sent by post in their registered addresses. Also, the bank account will receive two small amounts deposit by PayPal and the account holder has to enter the two amounts and the password sent by post to their PayPal account (to gain verification).

    That's what I had to do a few years ago when I joined PayPal. Until now, I cannot get my address confirmed.

    Hope that helps. You should send items with tracking. It should be safe.
  10. :crybaby:
    Instant payment means the buyer paid from their bank account, not credit card.

    They can file a complain and do a chargeback. But they can't do automatic chargeback.

    What it means is that you don't have to own a premium paypal account to receive the payment.

    Don't worry. I wouldn't worry because it's generally safe.
  11. Don't worry, I've yet to have any issues with a trackable carrier and I'm in Australia.

    I'm not sure about how instant payments need to be funded. I often have sellers email straight away saying the item's in the post, so they must have payment "instantly"...and I don't use bank account funding. You may need to contact paypal for the answer.
  12. I regularly buy from the US and Europe and pay by paypal and ship to Australia. Never had a problem.

    Hope your buyer isn't a newbie! If they paid 1000pounds for an item, they will be up for customs duties (if over AUD1000). If they refuse, it will be sent back to you.

    Good luck!
  13. The buyer would have requested the lower insurance/value to try to avoid customs duty. Since it's trackable, keep an eye on when it's delivered, and keep all your emails. I read on this forum that some sellers keep all information about a sale for 6 months.
  14. Thanx so much for the advice ladies:flowers: Hopefully it'll turn out fine. She has a lot of feedback 300something and has only 2 negatives (where the other party seemed dodgy not her) so it should be o.k. Fingers crossed!
  15. Yes the buyer can still do chargebacks! Having an email form the buyer saying that it is there responsibilty means NOTHING when it comes to a paypal claim. It is always the sellers responsibility to get the item to the buyer.
    Only UK, CANADA and US are able to confirm their addresses. It is probaly worthwhile putting in your listings that you only accept paypal from confirmed addresess and that international buyers who are not form the above 3 countries pay you by bank transfer!