Help please! Shawl or Shrug?

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  1. I live in Miami and, until this winter, I've had very little experience with cold weather. I want to wear a sleeveless tweed Chanel dress to a dinner. What do I wear over it? I have a very nice shawl or should I pick up a black shrug? I saw lots of them at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, the dress did not come with a matching jacket. I hate to hide the fringed edges on the shoulders but am afraid of being cold. Can those of you up north help me out with some advice?
  2. Get a shrug. A shawl/wrap will slip off your gets annoying after awhile.
  3. ^^ I agree. Shrug all the way. A shawl/wrap makes more sense when worn outdoors as an outer layer. When you're indoors and moving around, eating, etc. it gets pretty cumbersome to keep pushing the shawl up on the shoulders.
  4. I like shrugs b/c you don't have to hassle with holding something up or keeping it in place like you do with shawls.
  5. I love shrugs too.... so much easier than a shawl.
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  8. Agree with SHRUG!