Help, please shawl experts !!!

  1. I have been intently searching the threads , LZ and trying to find the perfect shawl for myself.
    I LOVE :love: Chartreusse, and would love something with this sort of colour in it. I have seen Early America on the website , which I love, but I am not sure about the dogs on it.Has anyone seen this in real life?

    There is also also Couvertures et Tenue du Jour, but it is only in the 90cm. I am strangely drawn to the horses in this one. I think it is a beautiful scarf. Does this come in a shawl??

    Does anyone know of any other shawls which have chartreusse in them. I think I will be able to get only 1, (at least until next fall), and I have to get one, so DH can give it to me for Christmas :graucho:

    Heres a pic of the Couvertures in 90cm tied (couldnt copy the other pic, and Early America.

    I would greatly appreciate your help.
    231356s02.jpg 241655s22.jpg
  2. Wow gina b,the colours are gorgeous. On my screen it looks as though it might be a little bit bright for me. #however I know IRL they look totall different.
    I dont know if anyone else has this problem, but I find it really difficult to envisage them tied .:confused1: They look so different tied, I am sure that I must passed on some gorgeous scarves because of this.
  3. I'm not sure if Couvertures comes in a shawl but I am sure someone here will know!
    I have seen the Early America shawl in this CW in person and it's gorgeous! It's actually fairly understated in its overall effect even though the colors are quite strong (a bonus for me). As for the dogs, LOL, that bothered me about Early America too, but I finally bit the bullet and got a plisse in the pattern. The dogs are actually not all that visible when this shawl/scarf is tied though, depending on how you tie it. For instance, if you did a "square" fold as opposed to just folding it in half diagonally, the dogs would be folded inwards and you'd only see the amazing central portion of the design.
  4. What about Belles, Raz? I'm sure they come in all sorts of colourways?
  5. The Early America in green is simply stunning. The dogs are the shade of Miel Croc, and Cynthia's right, depending on how you tie it, you can minimize the appearance of the dogs if you don't like them. I absolutely adore this CW for the shawl, and it is very subtle, not bright at all. I do love Tohu Bohu if you're up for bright colors, but it sounds like you're looking for something a bit more understated.
  6. By chartruese, do you mean "olive"? The Tohu is chartruese to my eye while the Early America and Couvertures are olive.

    I have never seen Couvertures in 140cm, sorry.

    I just looked over my personal notes and there was a nice olive Art des steppes that came out in 2000. Brins d"or also came in olive. There should be a olive Fleurs de lotus. There is an olive Kachinas which is gorgeous. The olive Instructions du Roy is the best colorway in that.
  7. Thanks so much everyone.
    you are probably right seton, I guess I mean anything green!!
    I think I may go for the Early America, as it is available now!!.
    I am so impatient :p.
    But I will def look out for all your suggestions. I wish I could get more than 1,

    Loony , can you get Belles in green in a shawl? I would seriously love to see that.

    Cynthia and orchids, I think I am going to go for it. The colours look so beautiful.

    Thanks everyone:heart:
  8. seton, oh I am seriously in love with the Vie Fleuve. It has all the colours I want , subtle and gorgeous. Is it an old design? Do you think it would be hard to come by??

    Loony, I keep checking those two out on LZ. IHow I wish they would post pics of them tied. I am soo useless, I love to see in action pics. The ombres keeps calling to me, but I dont know if it has too much light colours in it .
  9. OMG!!! These are TWO my absolute favorites for cashmere shawl and scarf for this winter! Both of them - can't do "or" thing.
    Incidentally, DH has discovered them first :confused1:. He came to me saying "You know, there's something you still don't have among your scarves" :wtf:I was shocked. He said there's something he likes very much and was going to surprise me with this scarf and shawl but I have no patience and voila :yahoo:
    I hope you will find the shawl you looove. I just looove these two.
    231356s02.jpg 242202s03.jpg
  10. Do you get one Aminamina???
    If so which one??
    Your DH def sounds like a keeper, how sweet of him.
  11. It looks like DH actually got both the Couvertures and Tohu Bohu. He insists on partially surprising me with actually presenting them to me at New Year's Eve - no Xmas for Orthodox Christians till Jan 13th :sad:.
    HD is a keeper alright, we just can't live without driving each other crazy mad on a regular basis :p
    Oh, look: Couvertures is gone from Hermes site :sneaky:
  12. It's from two yrs ago. Recent enough that probably some H still has it hidden in a drawer or warehouse. Have your local H do a worldwide search