Help ..Please share your experiences

  1. I know some ladies here have childrens already.
    Could you could share with me what your initial signs of pregnancy were?
    I came off the pill 4 months ago (used other method right now), since then my period has been every 27 or 28 days regular. I am 7 days late now. I am feeling very exhausted,dizzy,nausea, cramping on and off.

    I am nervous/excited/terrify due the fact I might be pregnant. I haven't done any test yet.I guess I will wait until next month
    We are not trying to have a child yet (some selfish reasons) but there is part of me hoping I am pregnant.
    I know DH will be happy especially parent from both sides..

    Please help..I am so nervous
  2. Well-some of my signs were peeing a lot-dizziness when getting out of bed and extreme nausea when brushing my teeth and only when brushing my teeth.

    I say-take a test now-7 days late is plenty to tell if you are pregnant or not-your stress over not knowing could be keeping it away. or, you might be pregnant-better to know sooner than later I say.
  3. Vague nausea, fatigue and breast tenderness.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. We were trying and my first signs were at 2 weeks. It all started with "the girls" (boobs) being very tender. I too felt small amounts of cramping and was more tired than usual. My cycle had always been very regular so when I was late and felt different, I knew I was pregnant!

    I wish you the best!
  5. Sorry bagsnbags, but I don't have any experience in this subject. But I wish you the best of luck!:flowers:
  6. Thanks ladies..
    I am just too tired to go to the store to get the test stick.I will do that tomorrow.
    I bet I won't be this tired on June 1st when time to pick up D.Speedy 30 ..LOL
  7. The two major signs for me was I was sooooooo tired, I had no energy and wanted to sleep. My other big sign was the soreness of my breasts. I also started feeling queezy......
  8. my boobs were totally sore, that was always my first sign!
    I'd take an HPT immediately, there's things you need to avoid if you're pregnant, you really need to know ASAP!
  9. The biggest symptom for me, was the breast tenderness(they really hurt!), and that they started getting larger. As well as the nausea, and feeling tired.
  10. I had these strange aches in the groin area -- was told that the hormones immediately start making the ligaments soften and stretch to prepare the body to carry the pregnancy. That was my first real sign and it happened about two weeks after conception.
  11. Breasts hurt alot. And I was really clumsey. More than usual. Get the test stick. It can tell when you're a day late.

    Oh yeah, get the double test one. I was never sure if I did the first one right.
  12. My first clue was I felt absolutely sick all day and the smell of meat would turn my stomach - I couldn't eat/cook it and going to the butcher was like torture.
  13. The smell of food made me sick to my stomach. What's so funny is I told my dad this and he said "they say when a woman can't stand the smell of food she's pregnat" I said no no I'm not pregnat. Two days later I ended up in the emergency room with violent vomiting. It took four months for that stop. A whole another story.
  14. Grab a pregnancy test, no harm there. Also, the pill can mess up your cycle even a few months down the road when you come off. The pill gets your hormone levels all off wack. Good luck and let us know!!
  15. Well my dear, I dont know if you want to hear this or not, but I had the EXACT same symptoms 3 times. I now have 3 kids! :yes: :biggrin: :graucho: