help please SBS dilemma!!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!!
    i need advice, im itching to go to my local mulberry tomorrow for an SBS! i have tried to resist but im going to give into temptation!!! the only thing that is holding me back is the xmas sales! im really worried that the SBS i purchase will end up in the sales!
    the three that im currently considering are:
    • Birds Nest Croc
    • Silky Snake print
    • Conker
    Do you think any of these will end up in the sales?
    the front runner for me at the moment is the silky snake but i have chestnut tilly and i know they are diff styles but im worried the colours are too similar? what do you all think?

    i like birds nest as its a colour that i can use in the winter/summer
    and conker is just such a lovely vibrant colour, im looking to use the SBS as a weekend bag but i dont want a bag that i need to 'mother' too much!
    which one would you go for?

    thanks everyone!
  2. The Silky Snake print is gorgeous and it's much darker than chestnut Tillie. I have a SS tillie that I use cross body with a different strap and it's not showing any wear on the print whatsoever.
    Have fun making up your mind
  3. thanks Smally, im really tempted by the snake skin, esp now that you have mentioned its low maintenance, its deffo a colour i can use winter/summer!!
  4. I'm biased and will say Silky Snake as i have one:smile: It has been around since before the last sale and didnt go into it, but you never can tell. When i was choosing my SBS it was a toss up between that and the chestnut Tillie - they are quite different looking bags. Take your Tillie in with you so you can see them side by side.

    Not wild about the birds nest, but the conker is beautiful and is definitely a seasonal colour so probably has more chance of going in the sale.
  5. i did a search for modelling pics of all three SBS's and i was actually wondering if the silky snake on was the same one that the ladies had purchased prior to the autumn/winter 2011 collection, thanks for confirming guns, the pics in the threads look even better then the ones on, i just hope my local mulberry have it in stock tomorrow!!! I think from all three SBS's its prob the most classic colour and hopefully wont go in the sale!
  6. The pic on doesn't do the silky snake justice at all. It is beautiful in person.
  7. i'd say silky snake or birds nest. i did buy the silky snake and it was gorgeous, but decided to return it because i had too many similar coloured bags and plus i'd just seen the birds nest! it's such a nice texture and taupe! ok so maybe birds nest! but silky snake is just lovely too.
  8. They are all lovely I also agree that conker will more than likely to go into the sale if there are some left as the colour is seasonal the others could be around longer, the chocolate finish is a beautiful bag as well.
  9. thank you all for your advice, i bought the silky snake sbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happppppppyyyyy!!! she is beautiful!!! they only had one in and i was worried about the condition but silky is perfect! apparently the SA's didnt even realise they had one left! it was only after i called that they checked their computer and found her tucked away in their store room! unfortunately silky will be going back into storage for now, (well in the back of my wardrobe) until i can pull her out after the xmas sales and tell DH what a bargain she was heheheheheh naughty me!!
    smally - u were so right tilly chestnut and oak silky snake arnt similar colours :biggrin:
  10. Congrats bag twin:woohoo: You wont regret it, she is fabulous!

    Its much better in real life than the pics on isnt it?
  11. deffo agree guns, the pics on dont do her justice! i did mention that to the SA, i really wanted an SBS but had never seen the SS IRL, only in reveals! i never would have considered her based on the pics on! i was sort of hoping i wouldnt fall for her yesday when i went in the store but she is a stunner! i know she is £££ but she looks expensive and worth every penny! the detailing is beautiful!!!
  12. She is definitely pricey! I nabbed mine at 20% off which softened the blow somewhat.

    Are we not getting a reveal til after xmas then?

  13. hehehe i will try and take a few sneaky pics and will post them soon! :graucho: