help, please!..........request for info flap bag

  1. Hello

    I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I purchased an authentic Dior bag from this person and am almost certain every bag they sale is authentic....but I know nothing about Chanel and love this bag!

    Can you all help me determine the following:
    • bag name or collection?
    • retail cost or approx cost?
    • what is a reasonable price to pay for this bag?
    • approx year it came out?
    Thank you so much! best wishes.

  2. You should ask the seller what season they bought it in. They still have the receipt, so the info should be on it. :yes:

    Looks gorgeous! I've never seen that Chanel yet.
  3. I'm not of any info help, but thats a really cute bag.
    I'm sure you will get some great input from the wonderful knowledgeable gals here.