Help, please! Question about the lining of the outside pocket???

  1. So I have a question for those of you who already received/bought the new F/W 06 bags:
    Is the lining of the outside pocket of the city, twiggy and work still half leather and half cotton?
    The reason I ask is that a friend of mine is in contact with an eBay seller who states that the new bags and the older pre-spring bags aren't linned in this way. I actually think that she just tries to sell of her fake bags because my 2 06er bags do have the leather lining. She actually claims that the bags (work and a city) just have the cotton linning in the pockets and that she bought them at an authorized Balenciaga retailer so is she right or is she lying about it.
    I really appreciate any help on this subject!
    Thanks girls, you're the best
  2. I have 2 F06 bags. The pocket lining on the side facing the bag interior is half leather/half cotton in both the twiggy and the city.
  3. the 06 bags are still lined the same... half leather and half cloth. seller sounds shady.
  4. Does anyone have a picture of this lining? i don't think my older bags are lined this way...but I may not be looking at the right pocket??
  5. varsha, it's the front pocket.
  6. My s/s '05 City has a completely fabric lining. My pre-fall '05's have the leather facing, as does my '06.
  7. Thanks esile! My bags are all earlier and they have the fabric lining...the half leather lining is very nice:smile:
  8. varsha, your welcome.
  9. Thanks ladies. I thought so that the seller tries to scam my friend with her fake bags.
  10. Interesting discussion...
  11. sorry i didnt get it :smile: i got a 05 twiggy and front pocket lining is all fabric, so this is possible for authentic balenciagas right? thank you!
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