Help! Please post pictures of you carrying part time GH.

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  1. Hi!!

    I want to complete my balenciaga moto collection...only lacking PT and Day styles. So, its time to buy a PT and I reckon parttime looks wonderful with GH.

    I am finally deciding to get a GH in PT.

    Please post some modelling pictures of you and your PT GH (yeah- and I hated GH before).


    1. Is it heavy? As heavy as Chloe Paddy or heavier?

    2. Does the gold tarnish?

    thanks lots
  2. Ohh, I'm anxious to see some actions shots as well.
  3. yah...can't wait to view the pics....since i do not have this style, may like to take into consideration....:dothewave:
  4. Sorry it took so long, I some how missed your post. Here's my Cafe' GH PT........


    The PT is one of my favorite styles.:love:
  5. Cracker- you look gorg!!

    Love all the G/H bags. The cafe is especially yummy
  6. I've got a few pounds on cracker, but here is aqua
    messenger.jpg arm.jpg
  7. Here is my Giant Marine PT that i no longer have.:crybaby: :cursing: :smash:
    IMG_2276%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2289%20%282%29.JPG
  8. Grrrr!!!! It's all your fault!! I was getting along fine without a giant until I saw this picture!!! That bag is to die for!!!! :drool: :drool:
  9. Thanks ya all. It looks really good!! But is it heavy? Do the gold studstarnish easily?

  10. Cracker : I love ur modelling pic and ur cafe GH part time too......More pics plss.....feeling good to see so many beauty bags here...they are all lovely...thanks
  11. Messengerbaglover... your Aqua looks so much like my Blue India Part Time (minus the GH of course)!! Really beautiful colour!
  12. Oh my goodness. I wasn't thrilled with the GH until I saw Crackers post. Wow, That's absolutely beautiful!!!
  13. You look great :smile:

  14. Thanks for all the compliments on my bag........I really love the PT. I think it's going to be quite versatile. I don't find that the GH is too actually helps the bag hang correctly. I'll post pics soon of my newest addition.........
  15. You totally rock that bag cracker. It is perfection. I love the longer strap and this is going to be my next purchase. Gorgeous!!!:nuts: The SA at NM called it the Giant Twiggy.