Help Please! Patchwork Stam color, which one??

  1. Hey guys!
    so i made a very exciting decision i am going to go ahead and cave in and buy the patchwork stam:yahoo:, but i am torn on colors i was originally thinking black but the indigo was really something as well, and that red! lol any suggestions?
  2. I wouldn't go for black... go for a color! I love indigo or cherry tart.
  3. ooooh is indigo this one??


    this color is so pretty!! :love::love:
    i would get this one if i didnt have the topaz quilted..
  4. I vote for indigo.
  5. I found some pics for color reference.



    cherry tart:

    I think the lighter blue (turquoise) color was called Light Petrol, but I'm not sure.
    I really like the cherry tart!
  6. Love the indigo!
  7. Love the cherry is TDF~
  8. Go for a color!! don't buy black :nogood:
  9. LOVE Cherry Tart!
  10. hmmm, I'm going to sound a bit boring, but I always thought the patchwork stam looked best in the peanut colour, it looks classier than black in peanut, and as for colour I think the light petrol blue is gorgeous, and then then cherry tart, I'm not feeling the indigo, but then again it's hard to say cos I've never actually seen one in real life
  11. Go for a color!!! Yum!
  12. You should definitely buy a colored one! MJ bags look amazing in color!!
  13. I vote for the Indigo! And a Cherry Tart ZC to go inside!:graucho:
  14. i would get cherrytart. the indigo is nice, but it looks almost black irl.
  15. ^^ I agree w/ tadpolenyc. The Indigo is really dark- but it is beautiful as well! The cherry tart is brighter than the reference pic above. You should go see for yourself IRL. Call your local MJ Boutique, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or Saks to see if they have both in stock.
    Cherry tart is closer to looking like this IRL (shown here on Klein):