Help Please on this Bidder

  1. Hello,
    I need some quick advice.
    I have an auction ending in a little over an hour on a Dior bag that has been the victim of 2 hyjacked buys and a non paying bidder. I relisted the bag and have a bid but I am not sure about this bidder. Here is the odd thing, they have been registered for a month, they have 9 feedback, but they have 170 other purchases all from the same 9 people. Alot of bead type jewelry bought on the same days. The sellers are all high volume sellers with years on eBay.

    I emailed her and asked her to email me back and I have not heard from her. Everything looks like it's legit, but I have never seen this type of activity before, and considering the history I have had with this bag, Maybe I am paranoid.

    What would you do? Would you cancel the bid?

    I really want to sell the bag, but I don't want the hassles!

  2. Seeing this is the only bid and you really want to sell the bag...I wouldn't cancel the bid. If she doesn't pay, at least you get some Ebays fees back right?How long has it been since you emailed her? Think positively, hopefully you'll have a good sale.
  3. lots of people buy tons of beads on eBay or tons of fabric, there's nothing wrong w/ that.
    I wouldn't cancel a bid for anything like that.
  4. Thanks for your replies. You are both right. I have actually gone back and taken a closer look, and feel better about it. I have had some bad luck on eBay lately and I am just tired of it.

    Think positive thoughts, right?:smile:
  5. Yes,think positive thoughts! But with the history, I can certainly understand why you might fear the worst again!
  6. Hopefully this time will be the sale. I sold my last 2 bags this morning after npbs lol. Took 3 relists to finally get them sold to people who paid. Ebay she is a cruel mistress sometimes.