help please on purchases made out of the country!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone of you have had the experience of placing an order and having it shipped from out of state or a different country? Does anyone know what kind of payments they accept when an item is being placed from a different location? I'm currently trying to place an order on my bag from canada, but one of the sales rep said by keeping it secure, they would require a wire transfer for for merchandise plus shipping/insurance. Please let me know any info on this, i'd truely appreciate it!

  2. Welcome Sophia to the forum and Hermes! Do you mean they require payment up front or after the fact?

    I ask because I have never heard of a situation when ordering from out of state that you must pay in advance...I question that. Out of the country...I do not know that answer.
  3. I think the sales rep meant that i would have to wire money over to their corporate account so that he'd be able to ship out the product. The only part i'm confused about is the money wire situation, I mean, don't they except credit card purchases or can't they just take my credit info down and charge it? I haven't asked him the other options of payment yet, but i think i will just to make sure! I am new to this forum and i am an avid lover of hermes products as well......thanks for replying to me!! ttyl
  4. yes, for purchases from canadian H stores, they require wire transfer payment to their account before they will ship out the merchandise. hope this helps.
  5. Thank you for helping jinees
  6. hi,

    have you purchased from them before? is that how you know? thanks for any info. sophia
  7. sophia, any way you can go to the canadian store to get it? seems like a real hassle having to do a wire transfer when you haven't gotten the bag yet.. can't they do COD or something similar?
  8. I have bought from the Toronto store before and did the purchase via phone with a credit card. It is only for a scarf though. For bag purchases, I was told that they cannot sell any bag over the phone. I would have to ask someone to go over to the boutique to pick it up and pay for it in person. My SA there never mentioned anything about a wire transfer. (hmmm...)