Help please on Berry!

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  1. Hi

    Long time since I was last in here but I need some help on colour.

    I have my eye on a Marcie and am after a red bag. More of a burgundy red than say vermillion. Will berry fit this or is too red? I have seen online pics but it's hard to make out the true colour. Anyone got an comparisons? Also, how small is the small as I am 5ft 8?

  2. Are you talking about the HollyBerry color? I know that color is a true deep red, not burgandy at all. Its very similar to Poppy or Ruby, but slightly deeper. Gorgeous!
  3. I wish Chloe would make all the same colors with the same color names wherever they sell them! It would be so much easier! This looks very much like the HollyBerry color, just a shade or two deeper. Its so hard to tell online though. It looks more maroon than burgandy to me though. It seems very close to what you are looking for though. Its beautiful!
  4. Harrods doesn't use designer names for colours, you need to guess from the pictures. I guess they want to make customers' life easier, but in fact it does the opposite. I suggest you contact Harrods and ask what designer colour is that bag. My assumption Chloe calls this color "red".
  5. PS Could be Vermillion too, but definitely not Hollyberry, which has more brick red hues.