Help, Please Offer Some Insight For My Next Purchase!

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  1. I have a situation so please be patient with me. *I've never been a handheld type of girl but after seeing the speedy monogram idylle sepia maybe I need to give it a try. *I currently have NF gm mono, galliera gm mono, galliera pm azur, and a affliche mini accessories pouch and one Gucci in guccissima. *I've narrowed it down to two of these fabric bags. However, I am a bit concern with Gucci fabric since I've heard stories about it fraying and their poor customer service after you make a purchase. I really like the color and shape of the Gucci since the handles are long enough to wear it over my shoulder if I'm tired of carrying it. *I also love the pink tone of the speedy and added strap. * Gucci is also $95 dollar less, lol. *What are you throughts?

    LV Speedy 30 Idylle Sepia $1090

    Sukey Medium Boston $995
  2. I like the colour of the Sukey more than the Speedy, and how it can sit on the shoulder.

    As for fraying, it hasn't happened to any of my Gucci's yet.

    Maybe I'm a little biased but since you have many more LV's than Gucci's, why not build on your gucci collection?:lol:
  3. Thanks! Over at LV forum all the votes were for the speedy so I just wanna get some insights over here.
  4. Haha of course you are going to get biased opinions in both subforums! However my vote is still for the trevi pm from your last post!

    But if you've changed your mind about it...I would go with what suits your needs more. I too am not a satchel girl but if the bag has a shoulder strap I will get it..I just recently bought a Marc Jacobs small cecilia in spite of the fact that it is a satchel but since it has a crossbody strap, I got it cuz I need something like that having 2 little ones and all.

    I have not had any issues with fraying of my canvas Guccis but then again I have a lot to rotate between and am VERY careful with them so idk.

    The speedy will definitely hold more but how do you plan on using it? Idk if it would look weird/awkward when carried on the shoulder cuz of it's shape.? My suggestion would be to try both on and see which one suits your needs/look more. ;)
  5. Thank you so much for your patience! I actually went to the LV boutique to try on the Tivoli pm, actually but it was way too small for me so I passed on it.

    Now on to Gucci, I went to Saks yesterday to check out the sukey Boston, I really like the color. They have two in stock. One with the leather handles already rippled and the other has a small fray on the corner as I carefully inspect each bag. So I left empty-handed. I would wear the speedy as a messenger bag or carry it by hand. I do like the rusty rose as well since it has no vachetta. I've been told many times that Gucci fabric are not durable but I still have a soft spot for it. I'm not sure what it is. Which bags do you think will be more durable since both are fabric?
  6. Too bad about the tivoli! I would have totally got one myself a while back when it came out but alas it would not suit my mommy lifestyle!

    Seeing as how the LV is also fabric, I don't see how it can be immune to possible fraying also KWIM? Idk but I personally prefer the sukey boston between the two. Sorry I am of no help. :P

    On another note, if you carry a lot, I'd go with the speedy. If not, go with the sukey boston.?
  7. Im sure I'll end up with either one sooner or later, lol. I four bags so I'll rotate between them. The SA at Saks did mentioned he wouldn't buy Gucci canvas for an everyday use since it's like denim, it'll wear and fray pretty fast. Thanks for all the help since I know I'm being pretty indecisive.
  8. WOW, I know what you mean, I'd want them both :amuse:

    If you have other speedys or (normal) Bostons I would go for the Sukey Boston, it can look as casual or smart as you want, wheras I think speedy/boston types always look smart. I agree it's very difficult to choose but I wouldn't even think of the price dif as although not negligible it's not huge, def go for the one you like best.
  9. Thanks! Actually this will be my FIRST speedy/boston shape! If you have to pick one, which would it be and why? I'm curious :P
  10. This speedy reminds me of the mini Lin line. I've always wanted one in ebene but alas it's a satchel! At least this one has a shoulder strap. The padlock placement is a nice touch too.
  11. My SA said it's more sturdier since it has some kind of coating. It's waterproof and stronger than mini Lin. Part of me wants the speedy, the other wants the Gucci. I'm so torn!
  12. If I didn't have a Boston/Speedy I would want one of those first, just becase it if my fave shaped bag - whatever the make :P
  13. I think the speedy is a collection staple. That being said and with the added feature of being waterproof, I find my vote going to the speedy.
  14. So you'll get the speedy first?! Lol
  15. Thanks, I really appreciate your honesty!