help please - normal love or sm love + sm JUC?

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  1. Hello everyone! I've been a longtime visitor to this site, but only recently registered. This is my first post, so hopefully I'm doing it right!

    I recently fell in love (lol) with Cartier's love bracelets, and would love some help deciding what to get. I'm considering either the normal love bracelet or the small love + small JUC to stack, all in yg without diamonds.

    Regular love in rg with diamonds (they didn't have yg without diamonds, but this is in size 16 which is right for my wrist): love1.jpg

    Stacked sm love and sm JUC, both in rg:

    The JUC closest to the left to my hand is yg to give you an idea of how yg looks on me compared to rg. I have VERY pink skin, and I think the rg just kind of blends in, so I'm leaning towards yg.

    Which one do you think I should get? I like how classic the original love looks, and it definitely has more of a presence, but it also looks a bit like a manacle on my wrist (which I guess is kind of the point?) and feels quite heavy. The sm love + sm JUC I feel is more versatile since I can mix and match them with other pieces as well, but then I'm a bit worried about all the scratches if I stack them.

    Thank you so much for your help!!!
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  2. Hi there, both looks are really nice.

    The original love is stunning on its own and can be stacked if you wish to add to it later on.

    The two small is very dainty looking and is nice together. I personally don't have the small juc but I think juc is nice too on its own but I don't think the small love is nice on its own. It's only nice when stacked with other pieces. I have a pave small and have only worn it once on its own and I didn't like the look of it..

    Hope this helps

    Good luck deciding.
  3. I’d go with classic love. I’m not a fan of the small versions of JUC or love. Thin love looks best when stacked. Add a original JUC later. I’m normally a fan of yg, but the pg looks very pretty on your skin.
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  4. Wide love
  5. I would get the classic love and then maybe later you can add a small love or small JUC to stack. I bought a classic love first and while I did think it was heavy when I first wore it, I got used to it very quickly and now I don’t feel it at all.
  6. This is a hard decision! I personally went with the small love/small JUC because I like daintier jewelry, I like things being easy on/easy off, and you get two bracelets to play around with. Good luck deciding :smile:
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  7. If you have a small delicate frame then the thin love ... however if you are a bit of a chunky monkey like me:biggrin:, then the thin love is lost and the regular would look better in my opinion
  8. Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments and helpful advice!! I think I'm leaning towards the classic love, it does make more of an impact, but I'm super short (only 5'1") so I worry if maybe it'll be too overwhelming? I'm also not sure if I can handle wearing it 24/7, I feel a lot of my clothes are very vintage-inspired (like lace, sheer fabrics, flowy dresses, etc.), so I'm not sure if such a modern, architectural piece would match.
    What sort of outfits do you ladies usually wear your love with?
  9. I must admit I never think of mine matching my outfits, I think of it as more part of me than my outfit

    Have you thought about the cuff ? ...
  10. Or what about the van cleef perlee bangle, same sort of price but removable and slightly more vintage looking
  11. That's a fantastic idea, I'll go in-stores to take a look! I'll let you guys know what I finally end up getting!
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  12. UPDATE:
    I ended up getting...


    Thank you to everyone for your kind advice, you've all been most helpful!!! I decided to go with the classic love in yg in large part due to the suggestions of everyone here, it really is a classic and timeless piece. I absolutely adore it, and haven't taken it off since getting it, it's surprisingly comfortable.

    I'm already thinking it would look even better stacked with another love...I suppose this is how it begins, lol!
  13. Congrats, it looks beautiful on you! Yup, and that's how the slippery slope begins :smile:.
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  14. Thank you, that's so kind of you to say! We can never have just one bracelet, right? :biggrin:
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  15. Congrats! It looks lovely. I had the same reservations before I bought my love but now I have it, I’m in love (excuse the pun!).
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