Help Please - No Comms from Seller until the middle of a PayPal claim...

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  1. Hi!
    I know the following will probably yield hoards of "ooooh... newbie error" thoughts in everyone's minds, but please try to help me out if you can.

    I bought a Mulberry bag on eBay, total impulse and a very big risk as
    (a) the seller had private feedback (since changed this to public and I find it's ZERO)
    (b) the bag itself had really poor pictures, so I was taking a gamble knowing I'd be protected if the bag was a fake....

    I paid immediately, but heard nothing from the seller AT ALL... no invoice sent, no emails, nothing. I sent about 4, being a little overly worried about my money and the seller potentially just disappearing. So, I waited until I could open a dispute, I have opened one with Paypal, and gave the seller time to respond. No reply, so I've since escalated it.
    3 days into the escalation (now its classed as a claim).... and the seller emails me saying that the he/she has been waiting for the funds to clear (odd... seing as it's been over 21 days...) and that they haven't had access to the internet. They're offering to post it first class so I will receive it in the next 2 days or so.

    What shoud I do?
    I'm worried that by waiting to receive the item, the claim will be closed...
    or.... that I receive the bag and it's a fake....

    if it is a fake, can I open a seperate claim and still get my money back?

    Any help?
    Please? :smile: :Push:
  2. Do not close the claim. If you receive it in two days..all good. But what if you dont? Do not close your claim under no circumstance. If you do get it in two days make sure you get it authenticated first before closing your claim.
  3. No you can't- once a claim has been closed it cannot be re-opened, even if it is to be re-opened for a different reason (e.g.- 'non-delivery' then 'not as described'). As Pot-luck says do not close this claim under any circumstances until either:

    -you have the bag and it has been authenticated,
    -or you have received a full refund from the seller.

    If the seller is saying to you that they will send the item if you close the claim tell them you will only close the claim once the deal has been concluded.
  4. I would call Paypal and ask if the money you sent was on a 21 day hold. If it was and that is why the person waited, REPORT them. The purpose of that hold is not to delay delivery to the buyer but to put the money in limbo until the item is delivered as promised. If it were me I would decline and indicate you are waiting for your refund and intend to continue to seek one through Paypal. Even if they ship right now they technically should NOT be covered under Paypal seller protection since they took longer than 7 days to mail the package.

    Let us know what happens
  5. Hi Everyone, thanks for the help.
    They've emailed again this morning, claiming they have lost my address - but this is given on the paypal receipt they are sent, and it'son the sidebar of the claim window in the resolution center. They're asking me to text them my address so they can send the bag... but Paypal say they are still waiting for a response from them.

    Still not sure what I should do... should I just leave PayPal to investigate?
  6. l am no expert, but dont text anything.......l would call pay pal, and tell them...if you want to contact seller do it through the resolution center not direct...and you dont want them knowing mobile number....Good Luck and keep us updated :smile:
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    Actually, if you open a dispute/claim for an item not received, receive the item, close the claim, then it turns out it's not as described, you can open a dispute for a SNAD.

    Anyway, since you already have a claim in process, do not close it until you receive the item. If there's a problem with the item, called PayFoe.
  8. OP- tell the seller all communication should be done through the dispute console

    Did you call Paypal to ask about the 21 day hold?
  9. As a long-time seller on Ebay, do NOT close the claim, you will not be able to reopen it. The fact the seller is now finally trying to communicate with you and not with Paypal is because Paypal has taken funds from his account now and is holding them to be able to reimburse you when the time comes and this is causing the seller to panic. This is what I think has happened and the only reason you have finally heard back from the seller. Do not send any address information to them, they are able to acquire this information from their Paypal account. The fact they are asking you for it tells me that Paypal has suspended their account and they are unable to obtain you confirmed address any longer. Sit tight, any communication between you and the seller should only be done through Paypal's claim process. You will get your $ back just do not extend the seller any further chances . Let Paypal do their part, it appears they are in the middle of finalizing the claim for you.
  10. Thanks again for all your help.
    I'm just wondering if I should just email her my address and give her the chance to send the bag?
    The status of the claim with paypal is that they are waiting from a response from her - do you think that perhaps she can't see this if her account is suspended? I'm trying to see the best in people and assume that she's a newbie who doesn't really know the way of things, but in the end, it seems unlikely. I think I'm just going to have to sit tight.

    Kind of wanted my bag though :sad: although the pics are poor, I re read the listing and she said receipt is included with the sale.... :sad: could be authentic.
  11. Well, you asked our opinion and most said no way.

    Here is my new concern. I didn't realize you live in the UK. If the item is being shipped from USA and it doesn't get to you before the deadline to escalate the claim or close the claim then they may be able to mail you garbage and then send Paypal the shipping notification that would likely close the claim. Then depending on how long it takes you may not be able to file another claim.

    I cannot emphasize enough RUN away, but ultimately it is your choice. In any case if you decide to follow through I would NOT communicate outside the Paypal dispute area and do NOT close the claim. Paypal will likely not recognize any communication you do outside the dispute console as valid.
  12. Don't close the original claim until you get it and inspect it.

    If you get it and it is SNAD then you will have to call paypal and explain that first it was "item not received" and now it is "significantly not as described" and they can fix the claim for you.

    You used to be able to only file one claim per transaction, but that is not true anymore. While you can only have one claim online you can now call and have them change your one claim over to the correct type.
  13. Thank you for all your help! I do really appreciate it, and I will keep you all posted :smile:
  14. I hope you run. This seller is dodgy and it is not worth it.
  15. I would just tell the seller to refund...any updates?