Help please! Nightlife in Waikiki?

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  1. My bf and I are going for 5 nights in May and would like some input on what we should do at night time. I have all the daytime itineries set but after the sun goes down, I don't have a clue as to what to do. What's to do after the sun goes down in Waikiki?
  2. On the weekends there's sunset on the beach where they show a movie on the beach. There's a lot of clubs if you're into that scene. Mostly everything here is laid back though. We have Ala Moana if you want to go shopping I think it's the largest outdoor mall in the US.

    Good luck and enjoy your stay. :smile:
  3. It is!!! :tup: There is loads of nightlife and nice beach side bats in Waikiki. I HIGHLY reccomend ala moana. I lived in HI for 3 years and probably spent hlaf my time there. ROFL
  4. When will you be making your trip? If you give us a better time frame we can give you an idea about any festivals or other activities there may be going on.

    Walking the main streets in Waikiki at night is always fun. A lot of street performers, action, shopping, and bars/clubs as well. I am a mommy now so can't give you the specifics of hot spots but will definitely recommend Ala Moana. I go there every 1/7 of my time is spent there, lol.
  5. It's been a while for me (5yrs), but one extremely romantic place you MUST visit after sundown is the bar at the Halekulani Hotel called "Room without a Key." This is on the Waikiki beach. Basically, you sit outside and sip on fruity cocktails and listen to mellow, live authentic Hawaiian music/dancing in the backdrop of crashing waves. Me... I went there at least 2x/wk when I lived there and loved it... even without an SO. Cheesy and roudy, I remember Dicks.

    At Ala Moana, there is a bar/club upstairs that was always packed when I was there (can't remember the name), also loved the outdoor restaurant at Neiman Marcus (pretty romantic also LOL).

    For clubs, there were tons in Waikiki. if you stay at a hotel, you can ask the concierge where to go if you want to prefer to hang out with locals. There were a bunch my friend took me to, but it's been over 5 years... dance club called Oceans... that's all I can remember.

    You can't NOT have a good time in HI. I'm jealous! Enjoy!:P
  6. ^^Oceans closed late last year. Sad.

    The Nemian Marcus restaurant it Mariposa and the outdoor bar is called the Mai Tai Bar.
  7. Yup Mai Tai's at Ala Moana gets really busy on the weekends. It can be pretty crowded though, which does bother some people.

    We also just fairly recently got Senor Frogs. I love it there! It's really dark though. :yes:
  8. Thank so much ladies for all your input. i'll be heading there this Friday. FINALLY!! the bf and i have been waiting for such a long time!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!
  9. wooo hooo thanks for posting this thread, i'll also be heading to waikiki next week thursday, i'm super excited! can't wait! :yahoo:
  10. The side street where Senor Frogs is located has a lot of action at night. Check it out. I love to walk the streets to see the street performers and check out all the luxe shops. Have fun!!!
  11. ^^^NICE! I'm getting more and more excited everyday! Sounds like a great time!! :yahoo:
  12. I agree with "room without a key." We stayed there last September.
    Mariposa had a wonderful signature drink, maybe it was called the lava flow?
    Make a reservation for dinner at Allan Wongs, the food is outstanding!
  13. You can get a lava flow anywhere it is pretty much a Strawberry Daquiri/Pina Colada blended drink.

    Alan Wongs is my favorite all-time restaurant, amazing food. We got engaged there. For a little less expsnsive fare try the Pineapple Room, 3rd floor Macy's Ala Moana for Alan's other restaurant.

    BTW, the Vog is especially bad this week and we've had some rain as well.
  14. I'm just bumping this up.

    I'm going to Hawaii from 26th May until 6th June and will be on Big Island for 3 days in between. Can anyone suggest any clubs or bars? My sister and I are actually spending our birthdays there (we're one day apart!) so it'd be fantastic if anyone has suggestions.
  15. I agree with everyone about Alan Wong's restaurant. It's fantastic food!!!
    I went to both Roy's and Alan Wong's and I much prefer Alan Wong. They do special things for special occasions as well.

    DH and I spent our last evening having dinner at Alan Wong's [it was during our honeymoon]. When we got there, they sat us down - we saw that the menu was printed with our names on it and it had everyone's signature on the side of the menu. They also gave us a dessert sampler with, "Congratulations Jonathan and Teresa" written in chocolate.


    The big island is beautiful. Just spend some time driving around. It takes about a day to see the sights around the whole island. I loved it there as well. Check out the volcano area. :smile: