Help please! New to Balenciaga!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've never owned a Balenciaga before, but the style is growing on me and I wouldn't mind adding one or two BBags to my collection.

    I just have a quick question, could someone give me a quote on how much a Greige First in pretty good condition sells for approximately on the second-hand market? I tried doing a search on eBay but nothing really comes up...

    Also, is it normal for the leather to start distressing so it looks like Chanel reissue leather? Will the darker top colour eventually all rub off? easy is the greige colour to keep clean, is this leather really delicate (like Chanel lambskin???)

  2. Hey karman, my fellow LV, Chanel, and now (possibly) Bbag junkie. lol First off, Greige is a gorgeous color. I would assume that if you are lucky enough to find a First in that color, it will sell for around $900-$1100 in the second-hand market depending on the condition of the bag. I don't think it's too hard to keep that color looking great. The distressing of Bbags is not at all like the Chanel reissue leather, IMHO. Bbags break-in so well, that they start to look better with age and use, as has been my experience. And Bbag leather is def more durable than Chanel lambskin! Anyhow, wait to see what others have to say, but that's what I think. HTH:heart:

    Oh, I wanted to add that if you are not able to find Greige, I keep hearing that the new season will bring 2 greys, so that's something to keep in the back of your mind.
  3. Thanks oo!! What's the retail of Firsts, anyway?
  4. Karman! So good to see you here! I must admit I am a bit surprised. Welcome to Balenciaga, the ladies here will definitely be able to give you tons of advice. Good luck with your search!
  5. Retail is $995.
  6. Thanks again!

    LOL I am surprised too. I said before I would never get into Balenciaga. I have also said before that I would never get into Chanel either, and look at me now. :rolleyes: Variety IS always good though, I was getting really sick of LV!
  7. Tell me about it...LV was getting to be a little too overbearing and in your face for me. That's what got me drifting to H and Balenciaga. I'm so excited for your first Balenciaga purchase, it's definitely an experience!
  8. Hey Karman nice to see you here...this is where I've been hanging out lately too! I think I obsessed about LV so much that I actually just got sick of it-lol! I'm really not too keen on logo's these days. I'm close to getting my very first Bbag myself and I can't wait! I'm no expert though but everyone here really knows thier stuff-Love this forum! Can't wait to see what you get!
  9. HI Karman! Welcome to the other side where there's no turning back!!! Great to see ya over here! (You might not remember me but I used to hang out in LV for a year)

    I haven't read this whole thread, but I just want to say ALL the ladies here are so kind and easy to chat with. I like it over here and so will you cuz you're a sweetie!
  10. Antonia! Hey! Another LV'r! Hello and and buy a bbag! I just got my first one and sigh...words can't explain! The leather! The bag is pettable! LOL It's like I have a new pet in my possession!
  11. Yes I saw your new bag the other day, it's so must be in love!! I should have mine next week....I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  12. ^^How exciting for you! Show her off big-time when you get her!
  13. Hi guys, I decided to go for the Greige what method I shall not disclose but I am in the process of working a deal with someone (legally and adhering to TPF rules, of course).
    I'm actually going to get it pretty soon if we can agree on some terms, and I will definitely post modeling pics/bag pics when I receive it!

    I think the greige colour would be good since I have no light grey coloured bags in my collection, and I think it'll be a nice colour for spring too!
  14. Congrats Karman! You have to try the twiggy sometime. I was so against the style but if you can find some older 05 the leather makes up for this.

    I bought my first bbag last May, a few more after that, went back to LV, and then came back here b/c of the quality, tassels, styles, colors...leather of course!

    There are reeeeally nice ladies here on the Bal forum--great subforum to frequent every day! :heart:
  15. Karman! Couldn't help but wonder if you'd ever cross over to the bside, haha.

    My LV's got too... hey look at me I have an LV logo on me. So I decided to go all classy smooshy gorgeous leather. Do post photos when you get her too!