Help, please!! Need to find a Grenat Work in Europe !!

  1. Ladies,
    I need a Work in Grenat:love: but unfortunately no more here in Paris :crybaby:

    Did anyone of you know where I can get one:shrugs: ?

    I think LVR is not getting it in Grenat (but I've asked just in case, and waiting for answer) .

    And I wouldn't want to buy from overseas because French customs are very strict (and the bag would become too expensive for me...)
    so I need to find her within the E.U.

    I would really appreciate your help, Ladies !!!!:yes:
  2. Hey fromparis .... I can ask in my shop in Zurich on Monday if you like ?! I'll let you know immediately ! But I fear that maybe our prices here in Switzerland are a little bit higher than in EUR ?! I paid for my Rouge Vif Work CHF 1490 - this would be in EUR approx. 1000 ! But first we have to know if they have a Grenat Work for you ;) :yes: . Crossing fingers :love:
  3. Thank you so much Firstclass :flowers: !!!!
    It's so sweet of you:love: !!!

    l-b:tender: also proposed me to hunt the Grenat in Italy...

    I hope we'll find one with beautiful leather :yes: ...

    PS : Price in Switzerland looks good (here the Work = 1045€)...
    but you're right, we must keep our fingers crossed;)
  4. As a last resort I could try to find one here for you too paris- but you'd have to wait till November and I can deliver it to you when I'm there.
  5. Thanks Roo:love: !!!!
    It's really nice of you:tender: !!!

    And it's a good option if we can't find it here:yes: !!!
  6. I'm willing to help you out, so just let me know.

    I'll be staying in an apartment in Montmartre for 11 days.
  7. In Montmartre ????
    It's such a lovely place :love: and so "parisien" :yes: !!!
    Feel free to PM me if you need any info or good adresses here:yes: !!

    :back2topic: and of course I'll let you know for the Grenat:graucho: !!!
  8. Thanks, I appreciate it!! :heart:

    Let me know what happens, and I can start a "hunt" for you.
  9. Theresa just has the city not the work but I can call other German stores to find out on Monday if you want.
  10. I'll check Van Ravenstein here in Holland tomorrow too.
  11. It's so sweet of you Tanja:love: and Cal :love: !!!

    I can't believe it:nuts: !!!
    My Grenat Work is becoming a Graal Quest ;) !!!

    With brave knights l_b, First, Roo, Tanja and Cal !!!

    If we find this bag, she'll have a very beautiful story,
    and I'm sure she'll be my favourite :heart: !!!

    I love TPF Ladies !!!!!
  12. I could look at selfridges and harvey nichols here for you if you want? LMK.:smile:
  13. I have called the only boutique i know thas is open on sunday. No work in grenat but they are expecting a new shipment in these days, so i will call again.
    Tomorrow i will try other 2 botiques.
    I really hope to have good news for you!
  14. Ok l_b . . . let us sleep one night - I'll let you know tomorrow about the news from Zurich ;) :yes: ! Good luck :flowers:
  15. "Knight" Tanja will check tomorrow. :smile:
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