HELP please, need to buy LV for office

  1. Guys and gals,

    My computer is back working. Thank goodness since I haven't written a post in ages. Anyway, our office manager is retiring and she would love an LV handbag. My boss sent me out to a mission this am to pick one out for him to buy. It's a joint donation bag from all office members.

    Wish one would you recommend:

    Neverfull PM???

    Help please!!
  2. I think that the Batignolles Horizontal is a lovely choice since it holds tons and fits over the shoulder unlike the lockit. It's just a bit nicer than the neverfull. What a wonderful gift that she will use forever. You work in a very nice office.

  3. I like the lockit-- I think its versitile and very classy but the BH is great too. The neverfull is more casual -- but I guess it just depends what you are looking for in a bag.
  4. I just called my boss and gave him the options of the bags via voicemail. I called King of Prussia too and they were lovely since they had all of them in stock.
    Now, I have to see which price range the boss is willing to get. I think he might decide for the Batignolles..maybe the traditional???
  5. Lockit.:party:
  6. Batignolle Horizontal definitely. Much less vachetta for her to worry about.
  7. My personal preference would be the lockit too..let's see what the boss says. I guess he can decide since he is the vp of the company.
  8. Batignolles Horizontal
  9. ^ yep, i agree.
  10. i would say bh or neverfull
  11. I really like either the lockit or the BH. Do you know if the lady has a handbag or shoulderbag preference?
  12. Lockit or BH!
  13. I love the look of the Lockit!
  14. I have the Batignolles Horizontal and I love it because it holds so much stuff and comfortable on the shoulder..
  15. I agree :tup: