Help please! Need Rouge H Box hardware advice...

  1. New member here going slightly crazy trying to make a choice between gold or palladium hardware for a 35cm Rouge H box calf birkin. I think that gold is probably a natural with this color, but I tend to prefer cooler tones in general and was wondering what all of you think about the color in box with palladium. Is it too dull or washed out with the Rouge H, or is it just quieter and less flashy? I love the photo of Sarah Jessica Parker on S&TC with the Rouge H croc birkin, and it appears to have palladium hardware but it's difficult to be certain. Any thoughts?
  2. i think either gold or palladium look gorgeous on a rouge h box birkin. i tend to lean towards gold though since box is such a dressy leather. i also tend to prefer cooler tones so most of my jewelry is white gold/platinum but for bags i go with whatever hardware goes with the color/leather/style of the bag.
  3. So you don't think the palladium dulls out the red? I think that in the case of the croc one on s&tc the leather itself was so stunning that perhaps they went with the more toned-down hardware, and it looked incredible. But I'm slightly worried that in all of the other leathers, even in box, it might not be warm enough to stand up to the warmish red of rouge h. I completely agree with you about matching the hardware to the bag color, regardless of one's own jewelry preference, and certain colors just work best with specific hardware tones -- I guess I am just hoping that this is not the case with rough h in box and that palladium will be just as lovely but different than the gold.
  4. I personally have passed up two red bags recently, one Rouge H (box) and one Rouge Vif (Fjord). Both had gold hardware. I wouldn't necessarily have said that one hardware color is "better" until I had seriously considered those bags carefully, but for me anyway, the gold + red combination just wasn't working.
    I personally am holding out for a bag in the red family with PHW!
  5. Ah, that's interesting...and nice to hear, since I am really leaning toward the palladium myself, but not if it really wasn't "right" with the deep richness of the red.
  6. I don't know either, but as the saying goes, "I know what I like!". :lol:
  7. Forgot to ask...any opinions on white topstitiching with this combo?
  8. There's a pic of a rouge H box birkin with gold h/w - first listing in the hermes reference library, colors, red.
  9. I own a 35cm rouge H box birkin with gold hardware...and positively cherish the combination...just an opinion!
  10. I think it really depends on the overall look you are trying to achieve.
    When I think of rouge h in box, I normally would think of a classic bag with "self" colored (rouge h) stitching, and gold hardware. What I found, though, was that in a Birkin specifically, the combination didn't work on me. Still haven't figured out why?

    But now that I am thinking about the possibility of a rouge h box Birkin with white topstitching and PHW...:nuts: honestly it sounds amazing! Young, fresh, even slightly irreverent, but in a beautiful way! It reminds me of the French Riviera for some reason. I can see it being absolutely amazing with some little white capri pants, a sailor top in black or navy stripes, and espadrilles. YUM!

    All this aside, by the way...I am still very much in love with the combination of Rouge H Box and GHW on a Kelly.
  11. I like them both, I have an GH Birkin (with red stitching) and LOVELOVELOVE it :love:. Cynthia I love your combo.... refreshing!!!!
  12. Love the GOLD !
  13. rouge H box with contrast stitching, pal h/w. Posted by MrsSparkles in the red color thread.

    Mrssparkles rougeHboxpal.jpg
  14. thank you Hummingbird, what a beautiful combo :love:
  15. IMO you get two totally different looks with the different hardwares- gold makes it looks "richer" whereas palladium is more of a clean, fresh look. Though I personally want a Fjord Rouge H birkin w/gold hardware, in this case with box I'd go with palladium for it's crispness and everyday practicality.