help please: mulberry bayswater authenticity

  1. Hmmmm, I think that you should ask for more pics of the inside and other trademark features for Mulberry. Such as the tree logo and inside label. It wouldn't be asking too much, I think, especially if authenticity is not an issue. Good luck.:smile:
  2. They did do a design like this but you really need more pix to be sure - especially of the inside and the tags.
  3. It looks authentic from the colourings and also the padlock shape, but i have to agree more pictures and i would be able to confirm (inside photogrpahs)
  4. hi everyone, thanks for the help! i asked the seller for more pictures and they sent me just two more.. the seller said that it was purchased from Nordstrom (i'm not sure if Nordstrom sells mulberry?).


    thanks so much for all the help everyone! it's much appreciated! :heart::yes:
    DSC00037 (2).JPG DSC00042 (2).JPG
  5. Although again the photographs are not overly descriptive i can say the zip pull is correct for this style of Bayswater and the rim(edge around the interior of the handbag) looks correct. Again i am unable to comment on the writing located on the interior buckles as this is not visible (but from what i have seen the bag looks correct)
  6. hi mulberrylove,

    thanks so much for the help! :heart: in your opinion, do you think i should ask for more pictures or should i just go for it and bid on the bag?
  7. woman, it looks legit-- everything's exactly the same as mine, i've just taken a look at the interior of my bag and its well, exactly the same as the ones shown in the pic!
  8. hmm but i was looking at the 2nd set of pics a bit more carefully-- the leather doesn't look to be in that fantastic a condition. I've been using my almost everyday since getting it (heavy duty use as well! this bag is my uni bag, and sometimes i even carry my laptop inside), but the leather on mine doesn't look like that? I dunno, the top flap bit looks a bit splotchy/uneven, and the bottom bit looks like the leather has been squashed up!
  9. Yes more pictures... of the buckle(s) inside showing the Mulberry word and the disk more close up and the padlock showing the tree logo.