HELP PLEASE! - mulberry alexa

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  1. hi, its my first time posting in here, hope you girls can help me out. :biggrin:
    i'm here in hong kong right now, visited the mulberry store yesterday, they have the alexa in butter, oak and oak leopard. i LOVE the butter alexa BUT i'm really worried about color transfer. i wear a lot of dark jeans. how many of you have the butter alexa, how are you liking it so far?

    i dont have a problem with the oak one, i guess if i cant have the butter, im ok with oak but im not totally into it. its still pretty though.

    i need to decide right away coz we're leaving the day after tomorrow. TIA!
  2. I expect it might as one of the other ladies on the forum has noticed colour transfer on her oak Alexa. I am sure the leather is similar to the butter so I would be surprised if it wasn't prone to colour transfer.
  3. i expect that you would have to be careful with a colour such as the butter!
  4. I have also experienced colour transfer on my oak Alexa(managed to get it off), so would be very careful with the butter...
  5. My Oak Alexa has picked up dye twice now and it has come off both times. Agree with Kris - be cautious about the Butter one.
  6. Kriscat, Jenova - what product did you use to wipe it off? im really worried now, having second thoughts...:confused1:
  7. I used Harley Davidson leather cleaner, but have successfully used baby-wipes on other bag earlier.
  8. Baby wipes have always worked for me too
  9. I used Clarks Premium Leather Creme.
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