Help Please...most generous designer jeans?

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  1. I've recently lost 110 pounds and would like to purchase a pair of designer jeans. I am a size 12 currently. I was wondering what brand is the most generous in sizing? I tried on a size 32 in 7 for all Mankind and they were too small. They were at Marshalls so I'm not sure of the style. I'd like to go to Bloomingdales to buy some jeans but am too embarrassed to ask what lines run generous. Thanks for any and all help.
  2. i think you have to try the one with more elastic in the fabrics....Joe's may be?? i heard Oprah recommended that brand.
    congrats on losing 110lb...that's a lot.
  3. Thanks juneping!! I will try Joe's.
  4. Yep... I always have to size down in Joe's. Also, certain styles of 7FAM I've had to size down 2 sizes in (check the tag, the most elastic/spandex is what you want). Also remember that most of those jeans will stretch a bit after you wear them, so you want them snug (but comfortable) in the fitting room.
  5. Thank you very much SunglassLove. I will look for the stretchy kind. The ones I tried on didn't have any spandex so maybe that was the problem. Thanks again to you both.
  6. Congrats on your weight loss, that is a major accomplishment!

    I am a huge jean junkie and I have to recommend JEGGINGS - jean leggings. They are very giving size wise, look like jeans, and super comfy! My favorite are the Citizens of Humanity "Slick Avedon" in Star & Dust. If you're looking for regular jeans that are generous in sizing I'd also go for regular Citizens of Humanity in certain washes (some have more stretch than others) and JBrand. I would avoid SFAM and Paige. Another poster mentioned Joe's which are okay but nothing special IMO.
  7. WOW congratulations on the weightloss!! Way to go! :yahoo:

    I would suggest Paige Premium Denim - i feel their cutting & fabric is more generous and just great fit! I used to be a size12 and I got the size 32 Paige denims (I think they go up to 34 in some fits). Joe's Honey fit is also known as more generous & for curvy body

    Good luck on your search!! isn't it great to buy new clothes with your new body?? I recently lost about 40lbs and just feel fantastic! Jean shopping is fun again! Congratulations once again!
  8. Congrats! How exciting it must be to shop for new jeans! I've consistently found that True Religion fits big - I have sometimes sized down by 2 sizes. Paige usually fits big as well.
  9. Congrats!!! William Rast jeans typically run one size big as well :smile:
  10. Some True Religions run "bigg" also keep in ming you need to try on various pairs of the same size jeans as most are handmade and will vary in size...

    Congrats with the weight loss!!!
  11. Congrats!!!! i live by David Kahn Jeans. they are made for women who have curves. for reference, I'm 5'6, and a size 10, but have a bootie :smile: and find that other brands like 7 for mankind, rock & republic tend to be made for women with less junk in the trunk.
  12. Definitely try William Rasts. I typically have to size down 3-4 sizes.

    Joes and Hudsons seem pretty generous as well.

    I'd avoid True Religions and Rock&Republics.
  13. I highly recommed Rich & Skinny Jeans, and also J Brand Jeans! If you order from, they will ship them and return them for free! Rich and Skinny & J Brand are both stretch and very flattering on any body type! Great job on your weight loss, that is so amazing!!!
  14. I have found that william rast run really big and i wear a size smaller in true religion than i do in seven or citizens. The COH jeggings run huge as well. I am a 28 in true religion and 29 in citizens/sevens and I take 26/27 in the jeggings. they stretch out a ton once you wear them but are soo comfy. Also seven did at one point make some women's jeans in sz 33
  15. J brand jeans has a "curvy" style. Also, are you looking for a particular style? Bootleg? Pencil Leg?