Help please!!!! Mono speedy 25 or Mini Lin speedy....

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  1. for a 50 year-old woman, who never had an LV handbag! I am trying to decide between these 2 speedies since forever and finally have decide to get one as a xmas gift from DH. please help me decide, I like the mono but worried about the naked handled. I showed my husband the Mini Lin speedy and he likes it! But I have not considered the mini lin till recently hence the dilemma! Tell me again please why you all like one or the other. Your feedbacks are very much appreciated! (I know this question has been asked a million times and I did read all of them but it doesn't make it any easier!)By the way I am 5'4 medium built and live in jeans!:smile: TIA!
  2. IMO you should get the Monogram Speedy, the monogram canvas will hold up much better over time than the mini lin fabric which is prone to pilling.;)
    * I forgot to say that the vachetta can be treated with shining monkey, which will provide some protection to stains and such.
  3. I vote for the Monogram Speedy because I am also leaning towards it for my first LV bag. :flowers:
  4. Thanks for your reply! The piling issue seems divided here, I am usually very gentle with my bags so this might be less of problem for me. It is so difficult to choose!
  5. Hard one... I'm loving the mini lin collection. Since its your first :shrugs: I guess my question is are you looking for a speedy 25 or 30 ? Because the mini lin only comes in the 30.

    I would would be more apt to get the mini lin I think, just because they arent around like the Mono.
  6. I like Mono! timeless and classic...will match most of your outfits too!!! and great for travelling!!

    good luck with a tough decision! ;)
  7. Tell me why you think you like the mono better? Have you decided yet what size to get? That's is another problem for me!
  8. Thanks Bag Fetish! that's is another problem! This is driving me crazy as well as driving my DH and DD crazy! I like mini lin but it is a bit bigger that 25 but not too much. I think I can handle that. I was sure of getting the Mono speedy 25 until today!
  9. I am leaning towards the 25. I think the 30 is too big for me. I have a pretty casual lifestyle and I prefer a handheld bag. I like the idea that the monogram has been around since the 30's (I think) and my husband said that he thought it would be a nice bag on me. :P
    I'm a bit of a klutz so I would be worried about snagging the mini lin. Pretty colors though!
  10. How nice of ur husband to offer to get u ur first LV for X'mas :girlsigh: ...I'd probably say Mini Lin in this case although I'm not a big fan...because u do seem concerned with the vachetta on the handles on the mono and u seem ok and prepared to deal with the mini lin pilling issue and size. I do think the mini lin will look great with jeans (I've seen a few ladies at my local mall with them...very classy...). U can always get the mono once u've tried on the mini lin for a while and see if u like the shape n functionality of the speedy :P
  11. Is there one you prefer or are you really undecided? Get the one you love more. :yes:
  12. 30 cm for the 30 and 25 cm for the 25.
    depending on the bag it doesnt look like much. I'm not sure how much you carry, but most of us have had a 25 thinking its perfect. Then we find out we can over stuff with it stuff and want the 30.
    If you're not sure on size i'd go for the bigger, try it out for a few days at home.
    Keep in mind its what you're comfy with. The mono in a 30 will seem BIG if you're not used to a big bag. but you get used to it fast.

    Also keep in mind the mono speedy is alway in stock and you can get anytime. Also keep in mind the naked leather, the mini lin doesnt have that.

    Good luck!
  13. I think the mono looks better than the mini lin. I say go for that one!
  14. How abt. the denim speedy?
  15. I love them both but since it your first LV I would go for the mono.