Help! - Please Model For Me! Your O My Sling 100

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  1. I think the Horatio is the slingback version of the New Simple.
  2. I don't know why they weren't more popular. I think they're quite beautiful.

    And rainy, those were TDF!
  3. Because now I'm less confused. LOL. lifeizgood.
  4. lol, i like how i said the slingback platform version of the simples instead of remembering the NEW simples...i must be slow tonight...esp considering i have 2 pairs of new simples sitting right next to you're always so on top of things :P
  5. ^^You were just too lovestruck by your new correctly-sized New Simples to think straight! ;)
  6. I actually sent mine back because they didn't give me the CL shiver but they were very comfortable and almost the same as the Decollete from the front :yes:

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  7. I was pleasantly surprised by the o my sling-I didn't think I'd like the toe, but they are really pretty on (and they were a great buy at Barneys when I got them)-still haven't left the house in them though. Aiming for September and back to work!
  8. they're all gorgeous! shame u send them back =(
  9. I'll try to model my black and camel ones tonight.

    The straps are pretty snug. Bear in mind that they are usually cut smaller.

    They are also very sexy IMO. They don't look like granny shoes once you put them on because of the toe box and distinctive CL shape. :yes:
  10. thanks to all of you for helping me figure this out, and thanks to xsouzie for helping me find a pair! will be crossing my fingers until they arrive next month and will let you know how they go.