Help! - Please Model For Me! Your O My Sling 100

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  1. Hiya All.

    I have been struggling with decided if I should bid on a pair of O My Sling. I have never consider this model before, and have a history of persistent slipping of sling-backs in various forms.

    If you can help me model yours this will be very helpful! At the moment I have this vivid image of my old auntie every time I saw a sling back style of this kind. I know this image is not accurate but I guess it has been conditioned into my brain in the 70s...

  2. They're basically the slingback version of Decolletes, if that helps.
  3. Here are the pink python O Mys i purchased then returned. the heel just felt very high and unstable to me, and the sling kept cutting into the back of my heel. i hear they're very comfy for many people though.

  4. oh really? so they look like decollette in every way but the slings?
  5. #5 Aug 23, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
    here's another pic of side view if it helps:

  6. Ooh! I had no idea they were a slingback Decollete! That makes life so much easier for me now! :girlsigh:
  7. ^^Yeah, the toe is definitely the same.
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    do you have front view?
    thanks so much for that!

  9. how so daisy?

  10. i saw somewhere that there are subtle differences between the various sling backs just like between the various pumps. o my sling, horatio sling (?), some other ones...?
  11. lol, sorry, had issues with the's a pic of the front as well. laureen is right, it is the decollete toe:

  12. thank you!! i am so glad that it has decollette's toes... then all is well... :P
  13. oh i am going to be such a pest rainy... do you have front view modeling...? :P
    (i have never been bitten by such a bug as the louboutin bug.... i have been in this subforum all day!)
  14. yeah it is confusing. from shoecrazy's correction in the celebrity thread, the horatios are more round toe, i'm guessing the slingback platform version of the simples? the o mys are slingback versions of the decolletes, and the rolandes are slingback versions of the rolandos. someone please correct me if i'm wrong!
  15. sorry, i don't, it never occurs to me to take front view modeling pics which is weird....anyway i found some gorgeous pics taken from the front by another tpfer, lily25...hope she doesn't mind sharing...