Help Please. Mini luggage in Dune or Souris?

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum.

    I bought a mini Dune recently. But still thinking about the mini Souris. Does the Dune colour get colour transfer easily? Any of you own a dune has the problem?

    I went back took some pictures today. And would really appreciate your opinions.

    Most of my clothes are dark colours like what I'm wearing today.
    Thanks in advance!:smile:
    IMG_4401.jpg IMG_4402.jpg IMG_4403.jpg IMG_4404.jpg IMG_4395.JPG
  2. For me personally, I love Dune. It's one of those colors that pairs well with both light and dark shades, and can be worn both in the warm and cold seasons.
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  4. Agreed....I was debating the same thing for the nano until I remembered a Hermes bag I had in etoupe (which I find similar to souris) which I ended up selling as the color wasn't as versatile as I'd hoped. Of course, ultimately it all depends up your color palette.
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    Totally. Personal pallete and wardrobe!
  6. Thank you so much girls! I think I will keep the dune after browsing all you fabulous pictures! Have a great weekend!