Help Please: MC Wallet 2007?

  1. Hello tPF family. I am having an issue if anyone can please help :flowers:

    I've been hunting for a black MC wallet and want something different from most I've seen that are popular.

    When using search engines I keep running across a Black Multicolore Wallet that looks like an MC Rita and the Eugenie had a little wallet baby.

    Has anyone else seen something similar to this, of course this dream wallet of mine keeps popping up on replica sites and I can't find it on Eluxury or Vuitton (early signs of disappointment). Could it be a "coming soon in 2008" item, or just a phony dream?

    Any help is much appreciated. I hate the idea of being in LVoe with a Faux-tton :confused1:
  2. Thank you for your reply. But that isn't it.

    Maybe it looks more like a black MC Marilyn-ish wallet.

    I suppose it was an awful misleading creation...
  3. Hmmm ..... are you talking about this wallet?

  4. that's the fake I saw on eBay before. Damn I wish LV make that. Any chance?
  5. Yes it is... say it isn't soooo... it's a falsey?

    Purselover, hi there... wouldn't it be nice if it were "to be released", waiting for the verdict.... (Thank you Diva).


  6. This wallet was actually suppposed to be released but for some reason they canceled it.

    It was called the Multicolore Eugenie Wallet.

    Here is a thread about it:

    -----> Am I going crazy?? <-----
  7. I know VixenlyVTonista . Totally agreed with you. I'll wait a million year for it. But I guess not. Oh my gosh! I'll pay for anything. WHY NOT? :crybaby: It's so gorgeous. Some said it's too much but I love it.
  8. Thank you Diva :crybaby:

    Better safe than sorry... I would've swiped it like Swiper on eBay had it been real... or currently available rather than a filed away prototype...

    *sigh* Purselover... what will we do... It was sooo unique... a little too unique huh.

    Well, maybe I'll make a wallpaper from Diva's pic and light a candle in the window for it, LOL.
  9. ^ yeah I know. Oh my! I just don't understand why. I wish i can do one of those special order but I guess we're not famous enough.
  10. that is a gorgeous wallet.. and you guys are funny. "ill light a candle in the window for it" LOL