Help Please! (Manolo Callamu slides)

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  1. Hello,
    I am new here, but am in desperate need of some help. I just bought a pair of Manolo Callamu (alligator) slides for about $670 on Ebay. (I did research before buying and this seller seems legit) I know they retail for $1150. I just received them yesterday and I wanted to know if anyone could tell me if they are authentic. I have other Manolo's and Choo's bought from retail stores and they seem real in comparison, but I am not 100% sure.

    Here is the link.

    eBay: MANOLO BLAHNIK ALLIGATOR MULE SLIDE THONG SHOE 11.5 11 (item 110028608035 end time Sep-04-06 08:50:44 PDT)


  2. Now that you have paid for them, do you really want to know the answer to your question. I wouldn't. I would just slide those babies on, sit back, and stare at my beautifully adorned toes if I were you.:yahoo:
  3. Hi,
    I absolutely want to know the answer since the seller does have a full refund policy as well as my credit card company and PayPal for fraud. Please if you think they are not authentic, let me know.
    Thank you
  4. Well, those in the pic are real, I'm sure of that. I have those same exact shoes on right now, and the details are all correct. Question is, is that the pic of the shoes you received, or a stock photo? I think I have bought from that seller, so they should be good.
  5. Hi,
    Thank you for your response. Those shoes in the pic look exactly like the ones I received although it is obviously hard to tell 100%.

    I am trying to find a picture of the soles to compare with, but have been unsuccessful. If there are any markers or hints you could give me (since you own them) I would be reallt grateful.

    Thank you sooo much!
  6. Okay, on the soles of mine, there is the Vero Cuoio stamp, under that is Made in Italy, and under that is 38. Oddly, mine don't have the Manolo Blahnik stamped into the leather like the two other pairs under my desk (one of which is my pink Callamus, but they're brand new, my alligators are two years old). Also, the right strap crosses over the left on the right shoe, and the left strap crosses the right on the left shoe. I can't think of anything else!