HELP Please- LV epi speedy color

  1. I'm looking into buying the LV epi speedy 25, either in orange or in red, but I am a little torn inside since I already have a vernis Reade PM in red and a Jimmy choo 7C in red. but I kind of still want a red LV speedy 25, am I insane?

    please somebody help orange a nice color? can it go with anything? I've never seen the orange in person, so any suggestion would be great.

    if you have some other suggestion with LV purchase, please please let me know too. THANKS! :heart:
  2. By orange, do you mean the madarin?

    If you love red, I don't see anything wrong with getting the Speedy in red. I tend to get lots of bags in the same color because I like the color and it always works for me.

    The Speedy is absolutely gorgeous in red! I have one that will be on it's way to me soon. I am sure if you get it, you'll love it!
  3. Yep- the orange color you're talking about is mandarin, and everyone on the forum loves it! It would be my pick too since you already have two other red bags, but if you love the red then get it! The only downside to mandarin is that some mandarin peices can smell like cat pee!
  4. Since the mandarine color is being discontinued I say get a Speedy in mandarine while you still can. You can always get a bag in red epi later on.
  5. Mandarin - but sniff it first.

    You can always pick up a red Epi Speedy on eBay later for less.
  6. I love every color epi speedy..get mandarine if you will discontiunue..don't forget to snip..snip..
  7. WOW! you guys are EXPERT!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo impressed. OK, I am set for ORANGE (woops, TANGERINE). :yes: THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!
  8. yeah go the manadrin!
  9. mandarin! I love love love my mandarin speedy. It's a great summer bag
  10. I love the mandarin, but the smell concerns me. I love red bags, though. I say "do the sniff test" and if it smells bad, you are meant to go with the red.
  11. Yep, i would goo with the mandarin since it's not common and will be collector's item soon... I got one in sooufflot and though zI've only used it twice, i get a lot of compliments... but planning to get one in black (jasmine) when i find a goood deal, maybe. Good luck. Oh! my mandarin doesnt smell like cat's pee....
  12. I called the LV, the speedy mandarin has been sold out in new york and new jersey. when I did the search online, I found this one, is this a authentic LV? does it look all right to you guys?

  13. IF you get a Mandarin sure to make inquiries about the cat-pee smell. And make sure you can return it if it does smell! Or be able to live with the smell!

    I saw a mandarin Alma the other day. Pretty bag!
  14. Why would the madarin smell like cat pee???

    Can you get the speedy in myrtle?? That color is gorgeous! I saw a woman yesterday with a myrtle soufflot with the silver palladium zipper and lock. That bag stood out across a large room!!
  15. As discussed in other threads, it has something to do with the reaction of that particular dye and the leather. I don't know what the percentage is, but a number of the mandarin bags have awful smells, not unlike cat-pee! :sick:

    Odd, but true! :blink: