Help please! LV Bag for Summer

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  1. I desperately want a white LV bag for summer, but I am having difficulty deciding on a design. :confused1:

    Any recommendations?? Thanks.
  2. I think everyone knows what I am going to recommed:p suhali lockit pm or have you thought about new white epi -- speedy seems a good s/s bag:heart:
  3. that's not much to go, what are you looking for? big bag, small bag? handheld or shoulder? smart dressy bag or more casual style? what do you have already?

    with nothing to go on I'd say ivorie epi speedy
  4. Nothing too small; Preferably hand held for everyday use but still stylish. Thanks for your help. :smile:
  5. epi speedy in ivoire or a denim would be lurvely for summer. plus both of them you can dress up or down!
  6. Since I've just purchased a white MC speedy 30 for my Spring/Summer bag, I'd probably recommend one of those too :yes: Or, failing that, an Ivoire epi speedy 25 :heart:
  7. i have a white Multicolore Trouville, and i love it for the summer, even though i try to use it all year round. it's so pretty and feminine, and it'll go with everything
  8. What about an Epi Jasmin in Ivoire?
  9. Denim Neo Speedy or Epi Ivoire Speedy.

    Either would look fantastic for summer!
  10. White Multicolore speedy or EPi speedy in Ivoire
  11. azur speedy.
  12. One of these bags:
    Azur saleya or speedy
    Epi Ivoire speedy or noe
    Denim neo speedy
  13. Anything Multicolore or Vernis
  14. my favorite summer bag is the MC aurelia, its a perfect should bag and looks gorgeous.
  15. I think there are a couple of options

    Damier azur saleya PM

    Suhali lockit

    White epi speedy ivorie