HELP Please? Large Steel Sabrina, XL Camel Ergo Tote, or Gunmetal PEYTON, Which ONE

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am fairly new here. Please forgive me if I TYPE something wrong?
    I want an everyday bag, I like big bags?
    So my question is which one of the 3 mentioned would be the best most neutral to match everything, and one that Will be like a kid reaching into a candy jar everytime I use her? Hope that makes
    I don't like to change bags all the time, and I hope to have all of these bags someday. But which one should come first?
    I just want a fabulous Bag. I just love Coach. Carried Coach for years now and love it.
    1.Steel SAbrina? LG
    2.XL ERGO tote.?
    3.Gunmetal Peyton?
    I would like to hear why you like it the best please.?
    Pictures would be nice, but I understand if you can't?:
    I am a SAHM so I can only get one now. I will have to sell some of my collection too. But that is ok if I can get a new fabulous bag>>>
    Thanks in Advance.
    I really appreciate all of your answers and time, I know how precious time is?
    Blessings to ALL..
  2. This depends on your personallity but here goes..

    1.Steel SAbrina? LG --- very good every day to go from work to after hours and very
    popular bags, the steel is a great color..

    2.XL ERGO tote.? --- Just gorgeous and classic also works for work and after hours but
    has a major wow factor..

    3.Gunmetal Peyton? --- Great color and the lining is Legacy Stripe my personal FAB but I
    think of this more of a business, work bag than an after ours bag..
  3. I vote for the XL ergo tote--I think that that is a gorgeous, classic style--open, roomy, yet not a bottomless pit. I also love the legacy lining!

    Second choice would be for the steel sabrina. I have a cherry sabrina, and it's a great bag--tons of space inside, easily segues from casual to dressy.

    Don't know much about Peytons, but many of the ladies here seem to love them--great colors available.

    Have fun choosing!
  4. I vote for the XL Camel Ergo tote for your lifestyle. Camel is a great neutral that can go with anything, the Ergo is light and would be great for a mommy like you, it fits over the shoulder, won't be heavy (like Peyton can sometimes) and it truly WILL be like reaching into a candy jar thanks to that legacy lining!
  5. ^^^ ITA I'm currently searching for a black one! A GF game over yesterday and I couldn't pay attention b/c I was staring at her bag the whole time! LMAO! It was fabulous!
  6. I'm going out on a limb here. I don't like the ergo totes. Don't hit me!

    If you like a big bag, I think the Peyton is your best bet. That bag is HUGE, and the gunmetal is TDF. Seriously, you could pack for the weekend in that thing.
  7. My pick would be the Large Ergo tote.
  8. I think, being a SAHM, the XL Camel Ergo Tote would be great. Neutral and large for all your "mommy" things. Steel Lg Sabrina is beautiful, but not as great for a SAHM...looking for one bag. Peyton would not be my choice, at all, for a SAHM. Gorgeous bag, but heavier, hard to keep on your shoulder. Good luck!
  9. I vote for Steel Sabrina--gorgeous neutral color, much more interesting than black or brown. Size and shape are very practical for everyday use. Can wear it with or without the long strap. Although the Ergo is gorgeous, I tend to like my bags to zip all the way shut, especially around kids. I can be fairly clumsy at times and I don't want the whole world to look at my purse contents if my bag gets accidentally knocked over. The Peyton is beautiful, but it strikes me as too formal for an everyday bag.

    Good luck deciding!
  10. I have another question?
    Is the peyton that big?
    In my research the ergo tote and the peyton measure very close to the same.
    Here are some measurements per the bay.
    Ergo = 16" x 12" x 5.5"
    Peyton = 15" x 12" x 6"
    MAYBE SOMEONE that has these bags can help me with the size issue Please.
  11. brahh.
    do you have a peton?
    is it hard to keep on your shoulder?
    and for anyone else that has this bag please chime in anytime.
    I do want the bag to stay on my shoulder since i have 3 kids...this would be a +....
    I have the same concern as disneyrun too about all things falling out. Has happened to me more than once with my shoulder totes. Which none zip, all have clasp.
    thanks again ladies.
  12. If you truly are looking for a great "go to" everyday bag I think I'd shy away from the Peyton. Although she's so TDF, I also think she looks a little too "formal" for everyday and for a SAHM. The Ergo totes are FABULOUS and have the YUMMY legacy lining. I just got the medium in black leather and couldn't be happier and I'm one to carry VERY big bags!!!

    My second pick for you would be Sabrina, but I'd check w/ others who own the steel color and there maybe some issues w/ the color flaking off or rubbing OFF, I could be wrong so see what others have to say on tha topic.

    I'd be afraid if you go w/ Peyton you'll end up feeling weighed down after awhile and want something else. Both the Lg. Sabrina & the Lg. Ergo tote would be much more leightweight IMO and more "user friendly" for what you seem to want.

    I'd imagine the actual sizes of the Peyton & Lg. Ergo tote may verywell be close but they are two TOTALLY different animals!!

    Here's a pic if my Ergo tote, it's the medium but atleast you can see what fit's in the medium and the lining!!!

    Good Luck and let us know what you pick!!!

    PS~ The Ergo tote would most likely stay on your shoulder the best of all three. I'm not a fan of the Sabrina used as a shoulder bag! JMHO

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  13. help,,, trying to decide on a good everyday bag is hard!! help me,, i just got a red patent peyton online,,, im tall,,used to big bags... but am looking at the julianne for an everyday bag,,, anyone have and love either of these bags??? help me,,, realativly new to coach,,, thanx
  14. disneyfun,,, is that a julianne in your avatar?? what color is it?? do you love it?? it looks gorgeous,,,,sorry for all the questions, just trying to decide on a bag
  15. #15 Jul 10, 2009
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    Yes, it is the magenta Julianne. The color is gorgeous--it really pops! I get compliments all the time. Here are some modeling pics I took awhile back when I first got the bag. Hope that helps! I'm 5' 4".

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