Help please ladies! Nooka satin bow slingback...

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  1. Hi ladies, I need your help please!! You see, I'm a fickle young thing - just when I thought I was set on my wedding shoe, another style pops up before my eyes and now I think I've changed my mind! :sweatdrop:

    In case you hadn't gotten the gist from the thread title, the shoe I'm referring to is the Nooka - in ivory in particular (image attached).

    I have scoured tPF for AGES (ok, about half hour) looking for modelling pics of this shoe since I would like to see what they look like on a foot - so if any of you have this shoe in any colour, please pretty please can you post modelling pics so I can get a better idea of how they look on?

    Also, anyone know how they run?

    Thanks all!!!
  2. Gah, forgot the pic! What a numpty!! :shame:

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  3. I love those! I actually really want them in red, but I have something sort of similar and I'm trying to be good about it. The ivory is stunning, though. But I can't be of any help with pics or fit - I'm not sure anyone here has them.
  4. ooo they are yummy! i saw them online somewhere....
  5. I love those Leescah. I saw them on ebay the other week if that's any help
  6. I thought of buying them for myself, too, but I tried them on, and I didn't like them. They just weren't flattering on me, and they were very uncomfortable. I guess they run pretty TTS (in terms of CL shoes), since the next size up or down didn't work for me. JMO.
  7. I think they're stunning, but have never seen them on anyone.
  8. Thanks ladies! I'm sure someone around here had them - I'm hoping they will chime in soon with some more input!
  9. Pam Jenkins has them in Ivory, 100mm. Not sure on what sizes she has left though hun.
    £360 down to £252. I love this style in red. I think they are beautiful :smile:

    I don't read posts properly you know!!! DuH!!
  10. HAHAHA don't worry savvys, yeah I emailed Pam about them, typically she has nothing which could even resemble my size (everything but, it would seem - grrr!!!) which is so annoying because I was hoping to wait for second cut sale and get them for like £150! So eBay it is!
  11. Oh no, that's sad :sad: They are so pretty. I'm sure a pair in your size will show up. What size do you need for these and i'll also keep my eye out!

    Any interest in your Sometimes yet?? I would so have these if they were my size. I love them!!
  12. Not 100% sure, I think a 38.5 or a 39 would probably be ok for me. No no interest in the Sometimes yet - got quite a few ppl watching the auction but then there was last time yet no one bid on them. I don't really want to lower the price either otherwise I won't be able to subsidise a new pair which will defeat the object of selling them somewhat!
  13. Yeah i know what you mean.

    Those black ones in a 39.5 went for like £180 or something and they were used so i don't know why yours didnt sell at even £200! Strange! Fingers crossed though.

    I'll keep my eye out :tup:
  14. maybe people think that the dyeing to purple is more of a downpoint than a feature? perhaps I need to edit the listing to play on the fact that they are one-of-a-kind a bit more?? ahh well, we shall see how it plays out!

    thanks hon!! :hugs:
  15. ^^ Hopefully now people have been paid they'll step in and bid/buy ?

    I think January has been tough for selling things