Help Please ladies money to spend!!

  1. Hello ladies of TPF! I am new to the forum but not new to LV. So happy to find ladies that understand and LVoe LV as much as I do. Anywho, I have a little over $3000 to spend and I want to get many things and not just one item. What are your suggestions??

    I already own a Mono Speedy 30, Denim Neo Speedy, Mono pochette, Mono Cabas Piano, Mono Musette, and Damier Ribera MM. I have been eyeing the Damier Azur Speedy 30, Vernis Roxbury Drive in Pomme, something EPI in black (want something that would look classy for work), and mini lin in Dune and Ebene LOL. I also want a cles (not sure which) and maybe a wallet. Please help me decide ladies!!! I am so confused and since you all are the experts I will let you work your magic.

  2. Hm... the Epi passy or alma would look classy for work, the Azur Speedy is fun and reasonably priced so I would consider those. If you are into amarante, the new vernis colour (it's a cherry-coke colour), a cles or a zippy wallet would be nice. Hope that helps a bit!
  3. First and foremost, welcome to tPF!

    My suggestions:
    -Saleya MM
    -Pomme Bedford
    -Epi Jasmin
    -Sunglasses!!! :biggrin:
  4. Well....definetly get the Roxbury in Pomme since it will be disappearing soon.
    If I had 3K I'd blow it on one thing (a Stratus)...but if I wanted a bunch:

    Mini Line Ebene Speedy ($2700 left)
    Pomme Roxbury (approx. 1800 left)
    Amarante cles (approx. 1600 left)

    How about an Epi Bowling Montaigne? Very classy bag!

    The compact zip wallet is mono!

    Oh...why not something Multicolore? A large bag...or maybe a smaller one like a Lodge PM or Priscilla?

    There is also the casual new LOVE2 totes
  5. Thanks so much John! I am so excited to have found this board!!! I thought I was crazy for loving LV so much! LOL.
  6. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  7. hmm....i say go for the roxbury drive in pomme, mini lin in dune, maybe a new amarante cles or in pomme to match the roxbury if you get one. As for the Epi i'm not sure since i don't know if your looking for a big bag or small bag.
  8. As far as the EPI is concerned I think I want something that can carry my cell, cosmetics, wallet, etc. so probably not too small. I am used to carrying a Speedy 30 on a daily basis so I want something that won't fill up so quickly. HTH and thanks!!

    I am planning to make this purchase this weekend if all items are in stock so all of your help is greatly appreciated. I am too excited.
  9. Just wanted to say welcome to the forum and you have a great collection!!
  10. Welcome to The Forum. YOu will love it. First i think you should get something in Vernis Amarante < love that color. and get a Speedy Epi . Thats always classy and casual.
  11. Welcome to tPF! This place is paradise for us addicts!!

    For a work bag I'd get an Epi Alma or Passy PM....I like the Roxbury Drive in Amarante Vernis, then maybe a clés (Pomme looks great) and you should definitely get the Azur Speedy 30 and Mini Lin in either Ebene or Dune. As a wallet I think the Amarante Koala and the French Purse look fantastic!
  12. Welcome to TPF! How about this...Black Epi Alma, Vernis Amarante Cles, Monogram Eugenie Wallet, Mini Lin Dune Speedy 30, and Azur Speedy 30...
  13. the montaigne or speedy in red or black for an epi work item.
    a new amarante piece, maybe a cles
    and a vernis french wallet.
    you will have money lefrgt over and can wait for more le to come out!
  14. I would get something in the MC line, an azur speedy and if money left over then a mono Keepall.
  15. How about an azur speedy 30, vernis roxbury in pomme or amarante, vernis cles and either an epi for work (alma or passy) or a fun MC bag- Trouville, Petite Noe, priscilla???
    Welcome to tpf!!!