Help please! Jan party invitation ideas needed!

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    A client of mine wants me to make party invitations for a January event for clients. I need to come up with something really clever and fun while still appropriate for a business party. He owns a small law firm in the San Francisco area.

    My best idea from previous years:
    an invitation that turned into a paper martini.

    I started with a round piece of paper the size of a CD. It had date, place, etc info printed on it. Then I cut the CD paper into a spiral.

    I took a long piece of paper 3/8" (1cm) wide and accordian folded it. Then I taped it to the center back of the round paper.

    To the bottom of the accordian folded paper, I attached a disk of paper the size of a looney (silver dollar) with a cool design.

    At the outer edges of the big disk, I attached thread connected by a life-size green olive with pimiento (paper).

    When you lifted the olive, the spiral + accordian folded paper + little disk fell and you had a martini glass.

    Everyone loved it. I need to top that idea.

    Does anyone have any urls of the really cool constructed invitations that fancy parties in Hollywood use?

    I need to make these asap and ship them to the client in a week!

  2. I don't know if it snows in SF (I"ve only visited in the summer..) but,

  3. Ahhh okay i tried to respond earlier to this but everything was all crazy. I suggested that it would be neat to hand someone an origami flower with a stem, or do an origami bird and put a scroll with the info in its mouth.

    Origami: Diagrams You might be able to get some ideas from this website, good luck!!
  4. The origami idea sounds cool.

    Hope someone can provide the URLs you asked for. Will this blog be of any help at all?

    Create My Event: Invitations

    Fine // Personalized Stationery, Wedding Invitations, Birth Announcements, Party Invitations, Moving Announcements, Cards & more
    is the above link of any use to you?

    pinklovesbrown does this really cute suitcase:

    glasses suitcase gift set : pink loves brown


    Do you have time to make, say, an invitation card into a briefcase if you think the idea is any good?
  5. If he owns a law firm..why dont you make a fake subpeona?how funny would it be to "SERVE" everyone with an invitation!!LOL!
  6. Those are all great ideas! Thanks, ladies!

    I love the idea of serving clients subpoenas! If I combined a scroll subpoena with an origami something, it would be immediately clear that the summons was for a party. I wouldn't want to given anyone a heart attack!

    I have time for origami so I will search the site recommended and buzz by the library for a book.

    Origami snowflakes could be cool. They are elegant, too.

    The trick is to find something a creative balance between elegant and fun.

    This law office is known for its wonderful parties. (Should be - I used to create all of them when I lived there!) My favorite was the one we held in a harpsicord museum. We hired a musician with an MFA to play during the evening. The harpsicords were beautiful - many of them were painted. Some were over a hundred years old. The building was old and cool, too. Lots of carved wood.

    Invitations are so important - they set the tone for the party and build excitement. Great invitations make people feel special, even if they can't attend the party.

    I'm also thinking about those little boxes with tiny things in them. The Hawaiian ones are the cutest but a this crowd wouldn't like a luau. Perhaps a subpoena and origami something. Perhaps a origami medallion seal on the subpoena - olde English style.

    Chinese New Year isn't until February so I can't play with that idea. Tempting though: it will start the year of the pig!
  7. January's birthstone is a garnet. You could incorporate that color into the invitations.
  8. Garnet is a great idea. I love a rich red.

    The snowflake idea has turned into an origami medallion. I'm going to try to sell the attorney owner on the subpoena idea on Monday.

    I want to print the information on vellum, affix it to handmade paper with a rough texture and ragged edges, attach the official medallion and then roll it. I found a box just the right size at

    I've had a chance to go through all the websites you gals suggested. Cards have really become much more creative and fun, haven't they? Got lots of great ideas for future events.
  9. PS
    The medallion will be garnet red, of course!

    I will use an Olde English style font.

    Great ideas, gals!
  10. How about making a charicature/cartoon of the major people in the office? That seems cute hehe :welcome:
  11. Love that one!
  12. Is there a theme for the party? I usually try and incorporate that, too.
  13. Yes, Twinkle, I think an invitation should set the tone and theme for the party. Good reminder. When I pitch the idea of the subpoena (which I have turned into a summons) later today I'll mention some related party decorations.

    Anyone have ideas along this theme?

    A few early ideas:
    *Scales to hold hors de oeurves.
    *Tabletop-size greek goddess style statues and put a ribbon over their eyes.
    *Law library books to be stacked to create a multi-level buffet food tablescape.
    *A bowl of tiny scrolls at the party. On arrival, you pick one and read your sentence. Prisoner held without bail until end of party, etc.
    *Waiters can wear black robes (rented or used choir robes) instead of aprons.

    Any other ideas? Thanks, ladies!