help please. issues w/ pregancy & parenting (long)

  1. i don't know where to start... I'm married, but my dh is taking testosterone injections (for other health reasons) and we are thinking of starting a family. it is freaking me out. i'm so worried about the chances of autism, because I have read and heard that autism is related to over amounts of testosterone. but now, what do I do? when i tell dh that the injections freak me out, he says that the injections get his test. levels closer to the levels they should be. ( he says that if he doesnt take the injections, his levels will be abnormally low). i'm just scared. i would love some input. i never thought that i would even consider being a mother before now. am i being unreasonable? i'm just scared. what if i end up being a mother to a child that requires special "attention" ? am i capable of that?
  2. Well I understand your concern, nobody wants to increase their chances of autism. I think you and your husband need to sit down and have a serious discussion about this, and also about starting a family. Is there any way he could get by without the injections? or any alternatives?
  3. Ditto Danica's comment and question? Can he get by without the injections for the sake of the baby?
  4. Ditto to the ladies too miamialli

    maybe stop the injections for a while just until you could conceive just to be safe?
  5. Have him go to a doctor's apt. with you and have the doctor explain it to him. That may get him to see what could happen.