Help please? Is this the 05 red?

  1. So I finally bought a beautiful red e/w bag :heart: and just wanted to check whether it is in fact the 05 red? What do you ladies think? TIA!:flowers:
    red chanel.jpg
  2. Ahh, yes, it looks just like mine!!!! :smile: Where on earth did you find this?! :confused1: I searched eBay forever and finally found mine through a pfer after two years haha. :p I'm so happy you found this gorgeous, vibrant red (Chanel hasn't done a beautifully vibrant red like this in recent memory - even though I love my '07 Jumbo, I prefer the shade of this red)! :tup: :yahoo: Here are two pictures of my '05 E/W for comparison:

    Enjoy her, and congrats again!!! :smile:

  3. lucky you!!! It looks just like minals, enjoy it!
  4. That sure looks like '05 red to me!! Congrats! There were actually two red shades, both very similar, released in '05, but this is the more prominent one AFAIK. Looking at your picture just makes me miss was such a TDF red.....but it's with a good mommy now.
  5. Thank you :yahoo:!!! I'm sooo happy I found her :love:
  6. :shocked::amazed::nuts::heart: Looks like the '05 Red to me! Congrats!! :yahoo: Where on earth did you find that beauty?
  7. I was really lucky I found her in Japan :nuts:
  8. congrats! do u think there are more hidden treasures in Japan? if so, I'll make it a point to stop by there next time I'm in Asia.
  9. ^Probably, they have loads of second hand shops & boutiques, although the price can be a bit high sometimes.
  10. Congrats on the bag and the perfect red!!!!!:tup:
  11. congrats!pretty!
  12. What a great find! This is my all time favorite red chanel shade as well. I wish I can find a jumbo in the 05 red.
    I have a e/w in this color as well but its in lamb. I love how vibrant it is!
  13. yes this is definitely red and I'm pretty sure a lot of girls are looking for this for a long period of time! Congrats!! it's soo gorgeous!
  14. ohhh "F" sweetie...your bag is gorgeous.:heart::heart::nuts:
  15. WHAT A BEAUTY!! I LOVE YOUR BAG :smile: It's perfect!! Well done!!