Help, please, I'm worried--question for Birkin owners

  1. I noticed that my new birkin's pockets are not lined with the suede (chevre) like my older (2004) model. How can this be? I thought they all were lined? did they change this? new one is clemence. And was shipped straight from Paris cannot be fake?!?!? unless it was switched at customs?

    any insight much appreciated! I want to go back to enjoying her...not worrying!
  2. if it was sent from the paris store, it wouldn't be likely to have been switched in customs. go to your local boutique with it, it will make you feel better...
  3. I think someone posted recently that the newer bags have the same pocket lining as you.
  4. erm .... pockets of birkins were NEVER lined with suede ..... gotcha! :upsidedown:

    What you see is actually the underside of the goat skin, the untreated side. It's NOT suede.

    Pockets of new birkins are lined with chevre.
  5. Yep, my birkin from Paris is the same, no worries audrey!
  6. Audrey......don't worry. Go out and enjoy that bag for what it is. A real BIRKIN!!!!
  7. No worries. Shipped straight from Paris, it couldn't be more authentic.
  8. It it comes from a Hermes boutique, it is Hermes!! :tup:
  9. Yup, new ones have chevre lining, as MrsS stated. I think it's this yr's that started with the chevre lining, ie. K stamped. I have a Birkin from last yr (J stamp) that has no lining ie. has the raw underside only.
  10. ^ She's right. Mine has the chevre lining.:biggrin:
  11. My 2007 has the chevre lining too, don't worry Audrey, enjoy your beauty.
  12. My 2007 also... and it came from Paris recently.
  13. My gold swift Birkin is also swift inside (instead of chevre) and the pocket is also lined in swift. I got my Birkin personally from the H boutique.

    So, if your bag was shipped from H in Paris, no problem!
  14. Ok, thanks everybody! My new bag is lovely, but lighter than the old one (clemence vs. togo), and the leather feels thinner. The bag is lighter to carry, which is good, but I must admit I preferred the underside of the leather (soft, suede like) to the new leather lining. I don't know why I panicked. Of course, ordered and shipped from H in Paris cannot be fake! DH told me last night "you know this makes you sound crazy, right?"
  15. It's been a good lesson for me, though. Was considering buying a vintage bag, but I now see unless I get it direct from an H store, I will never be able to relax about my purchases. So, next trip to Paris, I'll just go armed with one of those Longchamp H carriers to bring home any new additions.