Help please :) Ideas on where to sell my BH..

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  1. Hi all, just wondered if I could pick your expert brains :smile:

    I currently have a small collection of LV's and have decided that I want to sell my batignolles horizontal (we've just never "clicked", not sure why) so that I can replace her with Black epi petit noe. Only trouble is, I dont know where I can do this???? Of course, I have tried the obvious place - on Ebay where I have successfully sold a couple of speedy's before however, every time I have tried with the BH they remove my listing, I have receipts etc, its so annoying! How come obvious fakes managed to sell but the real deal doesnt - guess that's a whole new subject......

    So anyway, does anybody know if I have any other options? I've considered giving it to designer second hand stores but the ones I know take 50% so would rather not loose that much of a chunk.

    By the way, I'm based in the UK if that's any help. Any ideas even if its just give up, would be gratefully received. x
  2. The eBay forum may be able to offer you better insight on why your listing keeps on getting removed.

    Also, just a gentle reminder to all tPFers, there is no buying or selling on the board ! :yes:
  3. If you look around the ebay subforum, you'll see lots about Bonanzle, which is quickly becoming the favorite of many tpf members. It doesn't have nearly the same customer base as ebay, but it won't get taken down and the fees are nothing compared to ebay.
  4. Thanks v much, that's really helpful :smile: