Help! please ID this top.....

  1. and end my suffering!

    Thanks to Suli! she posted her fabby new R&R jeans in another thread, & I noticed this top on the model & now I have to have it,:graucho: only I can't find who its by. Anybody know?? I've searched the whole of NM but I can't find any notes at all on the top. The pic comes from the NM website.

    thanks for your help ladies!! :girlsigh:

    TDF top.JPG
  2. Here is a similar top by Anna Sui -

    Neiman Marcus  - Daisy Crochet Top


    Have you thought about calling customer service at Neiman's? I know that they are sometimes spotty with service, but maybe they know who the top is by.
  3. ooh, thats cute Suli! of course I totally blame you for this :biggrin:

    I mailed them, no response yet :sad:
  4. Love that top!
  5. Cute top!! I like both!
  6. Very cute...white and crochet are so in!
  7. its to die for!! but does anyone have a clue who's it is?? Still nothing from NM :sad:
  8. noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

    Just got this back from NM!

    We received your recent request for the
    crocheted top.

    At this time we do not carry the exact merchandise
    you have requested. The crocheted top was
    used as a prop to enhance the photograph featuring
    the Rock & Republic Western Jeans, and is not available for
    purchase at this time.

    Please check back with us as our merchandise
    is continually being updated.
  9. ParkAvenuePrincess, does this mean NM doesn't know the answer either?
  10. yes, they don't know who its by or if they will stock it. its a 'prop' :sad:

    Am soooo disappointed.