Help please! I want this bag - any idea what it is?

  1. First off I wanted to say that I love this forum, you guys are all so wonderful and helpful.

    I should have bid higher on this bag:
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]CHANEL Dark Grey Caviar Leather Handbag w/ silver hardware and silver "CC" twist clasp.[/FONT]

    Does anyone know where I can find one? Or its style number? Or is it an older bag and not available anymore?

    It has everything that I am looking for... distressed caviar, longer strap so that I can wear it crossbody style, and jumbo size.

    Thanks in advance! If I can't get this bag then I guess I'll get the regular jumbo in black... TIA!
  2. I believe it's an outdoor ligne flap. Check out other pics in the reference library.
  3. It is the outdoor ligne flap. I have the same bag as the auction item. It's a great bag and someone got a great price.
  4. Thanks so much!!! Are the straps as long as the caviar jumbo so that it can be worn crossbody? Also, do you know if they still sell the bag at boutiques?
  5. It is not available in the UK any more but they are bringing out a similar flap this season called Le Marais. Check out Chanelboys pics in the shopping sub-forum.
  6. its really cute :smile:
  7. :yes:

    The flaps from that collection are very similar.
    Here are the pictures from the sub-forum
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  8. You guys are the best ~ I called my boutique and they located 2 outdoor ligne flaps for me (since I had the style # from PFers :smile: and are going to check if they are in new condition... if so, one should be shipped to me this week!

    while I like le marais collection, i'm not a fan of the big CCs. it was basically between the outdoor ligne flap or the jumbo caviar in black... while most people prefer the jumbo caviar, i actually like the outdoor ligne since it more unusual... thanks again!