Help please! I ruined my Vernis Alma Bb!

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  1. My bag was ard 2 years old. And today I thought I can clean it up so I apply this gel like cream into it( gel was for cleaning my azur bag) however it turn really oily and my vernis lost its shine! I'm so sad I tried wiping it with a micro fibre cloth and now it's not that shiny anymore :sad: from certain angle I could see some dents on it. Any way I could save this nightmare. I hardly use it at all :sad:
  2. Here are some photos of it now. It's much more glossy before I apply the cream to clean it :sad:
  3. Oh no, so sorry about this.. I'd try to buff a lot and see if it gets back the glossy finish.
  4. by buffing it do u mean to wipe it more with the shine cloth?

    i dont know if it will do more harm to it.. :sad:

    Any of u girls have any vernis items that lost it's shine?

  5. Maybe you could use your dustbag or some cotton cloth as I feel the micro fibre cloth might be too harsh for the vernis.
  6. Yes a soft cloth like a dustbag, I use the dustbag for buffing my shiny LV wallet (excotic).

    I don't have Vernis items myself but I know tPF:er MsFrida used a cloth for her amarante Alma, I think she got the cloth from LV.